Hinduism and Abortion?

Hinduism and Abortion?

Hinduism and Abortion?


Abortion is extreme sin, a heavy Karma. People who do that, they will have to suffer the same way.


approx. 500.000 females are aborted in india each year, so if hindus are into the payment of dowries, that's one of the reasons



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Why didn't OBama just admit to Rick Warren his voting record favors late term abortions ?
He would not admit to that in front of the group he was speaking to. I was a bit disappointed that he wasn't pressed any harder on this issue. This article about his views strongly reinforced my negative opinion of him. In fact it almost had me in tears thinking he really may be the next president...

Do you agree that legalizing abortions has lowered the crime rate, like the book Freakonomics asserts? ?
I was not convinced. After all, if unwanted kids contribute that greatly to crime, then you'd expect crime to have been heaviest when birth control wasn't available, then there'd be another drop in crime after abortion became legalized. I'd have to see stats showing that crime was reduced when...

Abortion and liberal democrats....?
It's just one of those issues that liberals care more about personal choice then moral values. Apparently it's okay for women to have sex, and not have to worry about the consequences(except for some rare exceptions such as rape). So it's okay to murder a child simply becasue these people...

Where can I buy oxytocin nasal spray?
According to http://www.drugs.com/mtm/oxytocin.html you won't find it OTC. It says "Oxytocin should be administered as an injection into a muscle or intravenously by a healthcare provider." It points out that the reason is because "Oxytocin is used to induce labor, strengthen labor contractions...

IMPORTANT! Whats the oldest a babi can be to get an abortion?
12 weeks, but I have heard about states that allow it as late as 22 weeks. This is pretty crazy and I would not consider doing it this late. It would be an aweful thing to do. As far as your parents forcing you to have an abortion I don't believe they can. I googled this answer and I think...