Hinduism and Abortion?

Hinduism and Abortion?

Hinduism and Abortion?


Abortion is extreme sin, a heavy Karma. People who do that, they will have to suffer the same way.


approx. 500.000 females are aborted in india each year, so if hindus are into the payment of dowries, that's one of the reasons



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Abortion laws in Colorado?
All states in the US are required to allow anybody to get an abortion if they want one, but can make laws to make it difficult for someone to obtain an abortion. Examples of these laws are mandatory waiting periods (usually 24 hours - 48 hours in CO) and parental consent. In Colorado, there...

What are some side affects of abortion? ?
Women must continue to fight for their reproductive rights. When men say that abortion is wrong, they have crossed the line. At that point, they are basically saying that they can tell a woman what to do with her body. Is that acceptable? NO! Abortion does not affect the female or harm...

women deserve better than abortionmeaning do they support abortion or not?
It's a pro-life view, often expressed by early feminists like Susan B. Anthony and Feminists For Life now use it as their slogan. They believe that abortion is a product of women's oppression, and that if women were given adequate support then the number of abortions would reduce. No woman...

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I know how you feel with the whole not telling the parents thing - sometimes they just cant understand that your not the kid they NEED you to be. Its ok. Make sure you realize exactly what you are doing - my mom got an abortion at 14 but she has never gotten over it. She knew she wouldnt have...

Is hard and sore breasts normal after surgical abortion?
Possibly just a reaction to the chemical from the birth control but if the pain persists past your next period or gets far too painful you should consult a doctor for a follow-up.