Help with an abortion essay?

Help with an abortion essay?

Help with an abortion essay?


I hate it when they use the excuse its my body. But it isn't it is another human you are killing so it is its body. Its murder really just not as obvious.



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Addicted to abortions?
1. You can't be addicted to something you have never done. That's like saying "I'm addicted to meth, but I've never done meth". 2. Grow up.

Can cats have "abortions"?
Cats can be spayed while pregnant, yes. Technically a cat doesn't have an "abortion" because they remove the reproductive organs at the same time, unlike with humans where they only remove the fetus. Cats can be spayed quite late in their pregnancy, as it's surely better than the unplanned...

What is the psychological effect of abortion on women?
Most women actually feel RELIEF after having an abortion -- NOT regret. Contrary to what most ignorant pro-lifers would have you believe, not all abortions automatically come with regret- in fact, they rarely do. Most women are completely fine after having an abortion and never regret their...

Do Gay males have abortion rights?
Sure if that male is a result of a sex change operation that left the plumbing intact (changing only the outer appearance). Of course such a person would be a male in name only.

Can i someone give me positive and negative effects of abortion?
ok first off my mother got preg, and i was given away for adoption. i have had a very nice adopted life........ i fell preg at 19yrs but i had to have a late abortion due to having the condition HG (look it up its to long to spell).... its basically a sereve condtion which if left we both...