Help with an abortion essay?

Help with an abortion essay?

Help with an abortion essay?


I hate it when they use the excuse its my body. But it isn't it is another human you are killing so it is its body. Its murder really just not as obvious.



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Pain and bleeding after medical abortion?
Hello, Medical abortions sometimes need a follow up surgical abortion (but very rarely). You need to go to a clinic or a doctor and ask these questions. A positive pregnancy test is not much to worry about. But the bleeding and pain means you should go to a doctor. Best of luck.

What do you think of this- male abortion?
I think that male abortion(waiving rights and responsibilities of fatherhood) should be legal if carried out in the same time frame that a woman has to abort. If abortion is legal, so should the male equivalent. Otherwise is discrimination against males. Destroying a potential human life and...

What happens during abortions?
First of all, it's your choice, not anybody else's. If you choose to terminate the pregnancy do it ASAP. The sooner, the better. If you are in your first trimester [under 12 weeks], you'll get either a D&C or a vaccum suction abortion. The doctor or nurse will give you a sedative that will...

What is the positive side of abortion?
While there are a lot of negative answers here, there are positive reasons why abortions should be legal. 1. It gives the woman choice - women have fought for the right to have choice over their own bodies. Victims of rape before the morning after pill was available or in abusive relationships...

I just had a medical abortion ( for health reasons)?
Hi there hope you feel better soon. I came across this website It states that you should let a week pass before bathing etc. but you can shower of course. Probably due to the risk of infection if the uterus is in a dilated state, I am not too sure...