Help to prevent an abortion?

Help to prevent an abortion?

Help to prevent an abortion?


please let her to read my answer or say you to her these things:AND ADOPTION?(IF THERE ARE PROBLEMS TO KEEP THE BABY) let's keep it :) I WILL HELP YOU with him\her...I love him\her and I love you too...please do not abort him\her :( this is MY child too. If you can't keep it I suggest you to give it up for adoption....there are a lot of couple who want to adopt...inform about this option that is better than abortion :) YOUR child needs to live,it will SMILE and in this smile you’ll see its “THANKS”. this is a NEW AND UNREPETABLE human being. If we thought that a person has to die just because he\she little I would be VERY scared because this is the "survival of the fittest"law,don't you think?'s IMPOSSIBLE to have a child that is the same as the other even if this is so little :) I was so litttle too.. You too :) So he\she just need to grow up,that's it :) You must think also about what is the best for YOUR child ? is there really a reason this child cannot live?I do not think so :) When you’ll have a chil you’ll think:why did I abort that child and why doesn’t this one? Think about it. YOUR CHILD ONLY NEEDs TO GROW UP THEN IT WILL BE LIKE THIS: Think about it. If there are problem you can give it up for adoption ! You kill him\her with the abortion, and even if you kill him to twenty years's the same...! do not abort it! And do not use contraceptives! Say yes to life ... YOU LIVE THE SEX IN THE BEST WAY ONLY IN A SAINT PROJECT OPEN TO THE LIFE(CATHOLIC MARRIAGE)… Remember that you can give the baby up for ADOPTION! If your mother aborted you .. you would not be born! The same to you if she aborted you or if she killed you when you were 6 ... THINK ALSO ABOUT YOUR CHILD’S RIGHTS ? Think about it. say Yes to life =) maybe a friend can help you to TELL YOUR PARENTS,THEY love you and will help with teh child but if they will force you to abort please tell them when it's too late to abort.


Dear one There are many ways to prevent a girl from having an abortion, but only one is the correct one - and that is by being kind and understanding towards her Little love and compassion go a long way – trust me! Some time ago, when I was younger, the thought of being pregnant accrued to me and million questions showered me down and even made me think of having an abortion Here`s what was going on in my head: (perhaps this will help you understand your girlfriend more and show you a concrete way you can help her) "What am I going to do now? What are my parents going to think about me and how are other people going to treat me? I am too young to have a baby, it will be the end of my freedom and carrier ... I`m not ready to have a child, how am I going to provide for him/her? .... Etc." But, the final questions were: is he ready and willing to be a dad and is he going to leave me? Research says that most women opt for abortion because the do not have support - so support is among the most (if not the most) important things in this situation You have to discover what are her true reasons for having an abortion and then give her an answer If she is afraid of what her parents or others are going to say - tell her that as long as she lives some people are going to accept and others condemn her behavior and that she cannot run her life according to the standard "I want to please this and that people and I do not want them to have bad opinion about me" The real question is not who thinks what of whom, but what is the right and the truthful thing to do! If she is not sure whether having an abortion is a murder or not, then tell her that before doing anything, she has to educate herself seriously on the whole issue It really comes down to one question: is abortion killing of a child or not? That is the reason of the whole commotion around it, so before she does decides she wants to go ahead with the procedure, she better be sure that she is not taking away her child’s life Invite her kindly to join you in this process of education and watch the abortion procedures together so that she can see firsthand what that looks like But, all the way you have to be soooooo patient, caring and loving towards her and do this not just for the baby`s sake but for her sake as well Remind her of that the whole way cause she needs to know that you care not just for the baby but for her as well If she goes on ahead with it, she will regret it for the rest of her life – so, find some testimonies of women who had abortion to show her what it does to them If she fears that you are going to leave her - convince her otherwise by being there for her 100% percent She is scared, frustrated, confused - believe me - so, make this time for her as free from stress as you can This puts a lot of pressure on you, dear one, but in times like this we women need you men to step up for us and our children, and fight for us with love, tenderness and compassion I she thinks that the baby will take away her freedom - tell her that she is not alone in this, you are there for the both of them and you will help out. And one more thing - the child will take away her freedom, her "pretend to be freedom" which says that to be free is to have all the time, money and energy to ourselves - but this leads to egoism not freedom Only love leads to true freedom, freedom from our own selfish desirers and invites us to enter into the world of the other. It liberates us to seek good of the other above our own good - and a child is a perfect professor for this So, if she fears for her real freedom - then she definitely has to keep the child If she says that she is not ready to have a child and that kids cost money - tell her that you will be there for her and yes, the best things in life sometimes cost a lot of money. They are actually the reason why we make money - so that we can have those things, right? :-) But, the best argument for your cause is, as I said, your treatment of her in this difficult situation Remind her that you want your baby to be born and that you want her to enjoy motherhood with your child as you wish to enjoy your fatherhood with her child Protect them, dear one, with your love, strength and patience so, a lot it depends on you This means that you have a good chance to succeed So, if you want to save the life of your child you have to become the best possible man and father right now Not, easy I know, but worthwhile, right? This situation is an invitation for you to prove to your girlfriend and the whole world what real men are made of - so take it, dear one! We need you guys to show us that in this fight for love and life, we are not alone and that if we women mess up, you will be there to help us through Hope this helps and send you warm regard All the best Maria


i hope this doesnt come out that im being harsh. its up to your girl if she wants to have an abortion how old is she and maybe shes not ready yet. try talking to her and see why she wants to have an abortion thats all you can really do. im 14 and im pregnant and its twins and i couldnt have an abortion because i couldnt do it but your girl might not be ready to have a baby yet. just try talking to her. i hope this has helped a bit


You can find help here: Many pregnancy help centers will provide a free ultrasound that will help her to bond with the baby and turn away from abortion. Also let her know about the help and support you are willing to give. Do not try threats. As desperate as you may feel, threats are not only wrong, they're illegal. It's a form of abuse.



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