Help - second abortion?

Help - second abortion?

Help - second abortion?


I feel badly for you that you are going thru this. Abortions are hard on a woman for lots of reasons. Amazingly women do survive this invasion of their bodies, but two in a row is a hard thing to do. If I were U I would make sure I got the best medical care available, and then also make sure U eat right and take care of yourself emotionally too. I do not judge U for wanting caring and attention from someone U knew in your past -- that is plain human. But this man needs to be less controlling He should respect U enough not to try to ensnare U thru pregnancy. Wanting U to keep his baby is another form of controlling U.. It is most unfortunate that women get caught with the worst end of the deal because of sex, and especially sex tied in with emotional issues, such as comforting or saying good-bye. You can love men, but just don't trust them when it comes to telling U that unprotected sex is OK. It is never OK. Do what U have to do. Only U know how U feel deep inside. If U know that living with the baby's father is not a good idea, then don't ever allow him to do this to U again. I know that many people believe in having the baby and giving it up for adoption, as opposed to abortion, but only U can decide that for yourself. There are clinics that will help U. You should never have to face raising a child alone. I almost did that once, but now I am glad I didn't. I did marry my child's father, and it has not been easy, but at least she had her Dad, and now that she is grown I can deal with my own demons. What ever U do please love yourself, and do not feel guilty about what happened. Seek help that is safe, and do not let yourself get trapped again. Always protect yourself..


Abortion is never the answer. Because you chose to have sex, and you fell into his trap, you are pregnant. It's your fault you're pregnant, not the baby's. If you have another abortion, you will never learn the responsibilities of sex. You will keep having abortions which isn't okay. It's murder. There are so many people out there who try to get pregnant but can't. Don't take advantage of your ability to get pregnant. Whether you want to keep the baby or not, it's the best thing to do. You can put it up for adoption or keep it, just don't have an abortion. It's murder.


If you don't want him to know you could just say that the test was wrong (say a Dr told you) then just get it done. You know in your heart what you can and Cannot handle. Do what is best for you & don't worry about anyone else. When you do go to a doctor, speak to them about your depression. It's a very scary thing that can just spiral out of control. Also speak to your doctor about your options. Adoption is something you may want to consider. Good luck. x


This really took me a long time to read...Please use the spell checker, this is what it is there for...I really think you may need to give the baby to a loving couple who can't have a baby of their own. Then maybe you could go back to school and and learn how to spell and maybe an English class or two? Seriously, don't use abortion as a form of birth control...Once, oops, ok...Twice, no! Time to take responsibility...


There are plenty of options out there and there are plenty of people who can't have children. I wouldn't get an abortion, but that is my own opinion. Only you can answer this for yourself. Obviously you can't care for this child, but don't you think you should at least give him/her a chance at life? Good luck in whatever you decide to do, and next time, use some sort of BC so you don't run into this again until you are ready to.


have you thought about having the baby and putting it up for adoption? there are lots of families out there that cant have children of their own. it is really hard both emotionally and physically on your body to have an abortion. so maybe you should consider the adoption option.


honey, you kno i planned to give a real nasty answer when i read the blurb but then i could see by how you desribed things that you are a good person who had just happened to fall into something. i really feel for you. this must be hard. i wish i knew what to say and what advice to give, and this will sound rubbish but i have no advice, i just want you to know that there are bound to be organisations where you live that would help if you kept the baby. organisations like homestart to offer practical help with single parents. what about your folks?would they help you? honey i wish you well... just thing about this... i think you would make a good mother, you sound really lovely. God bless you sweetie. x


you sould be on birth control and have you though of having the baby and give it up to a family that cant have children so many people would love to have a baby


Hi I am so sorry. Email me I might can help you. I am not sure of your age. If you are young have you talked to your parents yet?



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