Have you seen the news about anti black abortion bill boards?

Have you seen the news about anti black abortion bill boards?

Have you seen the news about anti black abortion bill boards?


No, but I am Pro Choice and Anti-Racist. I don't care who is on Welfare. I have no control over any part of it. The only way we'll ever have less people on Welfare is to change the program.


you know there are some white people on welfare too and there probably just as bad as some black and Latinos on welfare, and you know the only reason why or mostly why is because of slavery, not every blacked person is blessed to have good parents that can lead them in the right direction and get in a spot where they are able to not use warefare


That question is 100% politically incorrect and also 100% true. I am against whites getting abortions, but very pro-abortion for n i g g e r s. It prevents future criminals that we will have to pay to incarcerate, and also means less people who will undoubtedly be on public assistance.


I'm neither against it or for it. The people who put them up have every right to do so.



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At various times, Dallas, Houston and St. Louis has been on that list. Choice means that women should have the CHOICE of when and if to have a child, not a mandate. Forced sterilization was proposed and dropped as being against one's civil rights. You want to shred the Constitution as well...

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List of countries which allow women to have abortions 9 months into their pregnancy?
It's legal no where. Yes, it is murder. But so is partial birth abortion. The doctor physically stabs the baby through the skull as it comes out of it's mother's womb. And then sends it to stem cell research labs.

Why does Obama Hussein like abortion so much?
Obviously you're a male and ANTI abortion... Standard answer to this one cos I'm sick of it... *******************Ignore what doesn’t pertain to you******************* EVERYONE is PRO-life... excepting maybe psychopaths. I am PRO choice and you are ANTI choice... let's call it what it is.....

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1. Birth control (contraceptive) failure. Over half of all women who have an abortion used a contraceptive method during the month they became pregnant. 2. Inability to support or care for a child. 3.To end an unwanted pregnancy. 4. To prevent the birth of a child with birth defects or...