Have you read these stories about Pro-lifers getting abortions?

Have you read these stories about Pro-lifers getting abortions?

Have you read these stories about Pro-lifers getting abortions?


Well I am not for abortion and I would personally never get one myself, and I might have been one of the people who said 'it's not right' and that 'there are other options', but THESE girls are NUTS!! If I got put in a situation where I ended up having an abortion that would probably mean I would understand more. These girls and their mothers who think that only 'their' situation is understandable is such bulllllsh!!t!


Yes, I've heard about them. It's funny how you can forget your principles when they suddenly apply to you. Apparently, their circumstances are different to EVERYONE else's. More christians seem to be against abortion than atheists, but interestingly enough, a larger proportion of abortions are performed on christians than atheists. It's a funny old world, isn't it?


anyone who says they are prolife and got an abortion isnt actually prolife. im an actual prolife, i think all abortions are wrong. they are being hypocritical if they think there are exceptions. this also looks extremely skewed, since the title calls prolife antichoice, i support women having a choice on what to do with THEIR body, but no one elses, so they cant touch the babies body.


Yeah I have, it's crazy! Some people have a reason like they were raped at 9 years old or something. I'm Pro-Life and I think if you're Pro-life shouldn't you keep your word? But I mean if they TRULY feel terrible about their abortion... I don't know. Hope it helped!



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