Has PA Senator Casey struck out???

Has PA Senator Casey struck out???

Has PA Senator Casey struck out???


It is presently in the best interest of the Catholic Church if Obama or Clinton (amenisty) is elected- The only way the Catholic Church will allow their teachers in the union is if all their private schools start up again. Remember all the illegals in Pa. when the churches where booming? Right now half the churches are closing and our population has grown much since all these Churches where even built. Every time the presidential primaries begin, illegal’s cross the boarders in droves, a mass exodus. The Catholic Church advocates for illegal’s so when our public schools become over crowded, the middle-class tax payers will also have to pay the church for a private education for our own children. Then from a very early age, the church gets to shape the minds of a new young voter population- our children (our future). History is again repeating itself.


I believe that true soul searching politicians are coming out to lead their constituents in the direction they believe is best for the country. How can you continue to support a candidate who has such difficulty with the truth ? Casey is a man of great integrity, and is able to read between the lines. Clinton is your pro-choice candidate, how can you consider this over pro-life? In either case, these candidates will change nothing regarding this issue. it is designed more to confuse than it is to correct, don't get sucked in by this issue. Obama is a good choice between the two, if your emphasis is on truth, honesty, character, and integrity ! Bob Casey Jr. sees this too, are you so blinded by other issues, that you can't chose the candidate the majority of Americans picked? Remember, a vote is kind of like abortion. Once you do it, you can't go back and change it. And, this is a decision you will live with for the rest of your life !


Casey, is getting his politics confused again, seems to be the democratic way of doing things. Going with Obama because of popularity vice substance, seems that is how we got into this war in Iraq was on popular opinion too.


Casey is a boob. Seems to me Obama is collecting the idiot endorsements this primary season. Enough said about Obama.


Bob Casey Jr. is a political enigma, he is literally only in this position because of who his father was. What has he done for us lately.


You're probably the only one who cares. I think it will boost Obama by a tiny margin vote wise but it could get him some delegates.


I just don't get how a true Catholic can vote for anyone that is against the partial birth abortion ban.



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