Has anyone had the abortion where you are awake and the termination is done surgically with a machine?

Has anyone had the abortion where you are awake and the termination is done surgically with a machine?

Has anyone had the abortion where you are awake and the termination is done surgically with a machine?


I have had that procedure but I was knocked out and couldn't feel anything. I do remember waking up at one point but I couldn't feel anything and could not even open my eyes just could hear sounds and them talking. So I cant compare the pain but I do have child birth experience. I know a lot of people say child birth is unbearable etc... but I don't think it was that bad (and I've had it once with an epidural and once without). Having the baby itself is actually very relieving. When you found out its ready to push it really feels like you have to majorly go to the bathroom and just cant wait any longer. So pushing just makes it so much better. Even if you tear in my opinion it did not hurt very much because your concentrating on so much you barely notice it. The contractions are what hurts in labor. Think of them as a cramp but like triple the pain. Breathing will really help with the contractions pain. I found that I got more frustrated with people being in the room who wanted to have a conversation but would get agitated when I would stop for a few minutes. So set some ground rules for everyone that is going to walk into that room and it will make it all so much better.


I have never had an abortion but I have read that the pain is similar to child birth. It is basically the same process- your cervix is being dilated, but with an abortion it is being dilated much faster than with a natural birth. Labor is painful. You can always get an epidural. This will take ALL the pain away so that you can enjoy your labor!


ive not had that procedure, but i think if you prepare your mind you wont have a painful labor, women today are just to weak and accostemed to medication for the smallest owie. Congrats on your little one, and ignore the ignorant who want you to feel bad about your previouse desicion.


No because no matter what the circumstance I would never "terminate" my childs life.


im sure childbirth is worse.



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