Has anyone else had their American Dream shattered by Washington DC politicians and activist judges?

Has anyone else had their American Dream shattered by Washington DC politicians and activist judges?

Has anyone else had their American Dream shattered by Washington DC politicians and activist judges?


I am against third trimester abortions unless it is a matter where the mother will die if she has the baby. I think abortions should be done very early in the pregnancy while the fetus is just a clump of cells


First of all, you're a murderer. Life starts at conception. Try having a little more respect for life if you want anyone to have respect for you. As far as I'm concerned, your career shouldn't exist. Stop bitching. Secondly, there are other jobs out there. Better, less controversial jobs, that could be created. Some people refuse to work, adding to the unemployment rate, and guess what, now they won't have to work because Obama is going to make us a socialist country. Hurrah.


I own and operate the largest coat hanger factory in the east. Due to all the Wal-mart wash and wear clothing produced in Chinese prison labor camps, I have an excessive amount of left over hangers. Maybe we can work a deal. NOT! JD


Why does the government have to impede our Liberty? We ought to from a bean bag party and throw them at all doz darn politicians.


Holy Sh*T, articulate, to the point, and fascinating. I understand your point. My dream was to build my own house. Unfortunately, the unions lobbied the state capital and I can't build my own house without intrusive, expensive, mandated inspections every step of the way. There are many aspects of the building process that have to be hired out. I abandoned that project and this is an example of big brother stifling commerce.


Come here I will make a good abortion Dr. out of you. Did you say you admired Tiller, me also. Especially now. I am not a Christian but I could make exceptions of Church attendance for something so important.


the only way you can experience the american dream is when your asleep. Thats how its always been and always will be.


I really am hoping you are a troll.


I'd prefer that you stop killing the innocent altogether.



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