Has anybody used abortion pills?

Has anybody used abortion pills?

Has anybody used abortion pills?


no i would never use abortion pills its killing! the baby is in side you alive and growing and to get an abortion is killing so never!



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America is not & never has been capitalistic. Socialism is corruption, it provides a privileged class & a poor class. The government employees take bribes. Mexico is a great example, so is China. To get anything done, bribes are required. Read some Codevilla - The Character of Nations. America...

Why do Pro-Lifers put Abortion pics on the internet?
I have no idea but it makes me sick! I agree with you about the dumpster babies. What would pro-lifers rather have? Someone get a legal abortion or carry a baby to term to then truly murder the baby by dumping it? YEs they say what about adoption, well lets face, people just arent that smart...

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personally I don't agree with abortion, but all the same I am pro choice. The hormone change and loss of the baby can cause depression just like with a miscarriage. I don't know anything about like sex or anything like that but I know a lot of women suffer emotionally. Best of luck! Make sure...

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its the same as putting animals to sleep,they just go to sleep and never wake up,a very peaceful way to go,and you are doing a huge favor to the cat world,its a hard choice but with the millions of kittens and cats being killed every year,its the right one. ADD: it is nothing like people abortions...