Has anybody used abortion pills?

Has anybody used abortion pills?

Has anybody used abortion pills?


no i would never use abortion pills its killing! the baby is in side you alive and growing and to get an abortion is killing so never!



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I think im pregnant and i dont no whether to have an abortion or not im only 17?
find out if you are prenant first. then if you really are pregnant, you got to think, do you think you can handle having a abortion after you have done it. YOU ALSO NEED TO DEFINATELY TALK TO YOU BOYFRIEND IN THE MATTER!!! dont just go and have one without letting him know! I personally couldnt...

Abortion poem?
I don't think your poem is medically accurate. My wife is pregnant so I've been following her progress. At the end of the first month the baby is the size of a poppy seed. It won't be 4 inches until the fifth month. Also, it has not yet developed any of its sensory organs and would be unable...

Does the Episcopal church support abortion and gay marriage?
Doesn't matter In this politically correct climate that relinquishes morality to the relativistic whims of society, stating that homosexuals should not marry is becoming unpopular. Should a woman be allowed to marry another woman? Should a man be allowed to marry another man? Should they...

Recovery times for miss carry/abortion?
I am sorry for your loss :-( I lost my first at 8 weeks I had a natural miscarriage and let me tell you it was pretty painful was no fun at all to go threw but I did not need a DNC which was good. I know a couple people who have been threw what you are going threw one took the pill and the...

Songs about loosing a child/abortion?
Found these songs by doing a Google search: 1:Geto Boys- The Unseen A explicit song on how the group feels abortion needs to be stopped 2:Seals and Crofts- Unborn Child A song that asks women considering abortion to reconsider their decision. 3:Dogwood- In The Line Of Fire A song from the Christian...