Guys, ever still feel guilty about an abortion years later?

Guys, ever still feel guilty about an abortion years later?

Guys, ever still feel guilty about an abortion years later?


I personally don't approve of abortion, but that really isn't the issue here. The issue is that you're being wracked with guilt eight years later. I think you should seek some counseling. Your doctor can recommend a therapist, or you could talk to your religious leader if you have one. Either way, you need to come to grips with what happened back then. You can't let that past event interfere with your life now, or your ability to start a family.


Well you probably feel guilty because you forced a woman to kill your child. It may never go away, but as the other person said, praying will help :) God will always forgive you. Contrary to what people say, God will always love you, no matter what you do. Just do your best to move on and try to be the best person you can be. Then it will go away :)


Perhaps try talking to her? You made a mistake many years ago and tbh although you were in the wrong it wasn't completely unreasonable given the circumstances. By talking to her it'll show you how much she's moved on( hopefully) and therefore allow you to.


dude, i can't help you. you have to do this yourself. i know ONE PERSON that can help you and that is God. seriously repent from it, pray about it, and know never to do it again. you may always feel guilty, but we all make mistakes. pray, man. <3 -)- kaytlin p.s. i do NOT endorse abortion. it may not 'legally' be murder, but it is a living being God put there for a reason. maybe it was so that years later you, if you were not already, would become a Christian. if you need help e-mail me @ <3


Pray about it! I promise it helps! Although I have never gotten an abortion myself, I have talked to many people that have! When in doubt "Let go, and let God!"


That sucks, the least you could do is pay for her to see a top notch psychologist you evil vile selfish scum-bag.


Thank God I used protection!!! Wheew *wipes forehead*



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