Getting abortion pills?

Getting abortion pills?

Getting abortion pills?


Hey, kiddo. Don't listen to these people (calling you a dumb a s s? Wow, jerk). Good for you, you're doing what you know is right. Anyway, if you're thinking of Plan B, AKA the Morning After Pill, then it's too late for that. You are going to need to go to a woman's health clinic, or Planned Parenthood, and they DO have pills you take that cause something like a miscarriage. But you can't just get them at the drug store or anything. If you haven't done a lot of research about this (though it sounds like you know what you're doing), and don't know the difference between medical abortion and surgical abortion, I recommend checking these out, they helped me before I had an abortion earlier this year: I also recommend reading this. I found it after I had my abortion, but it made me feel even better about my choice. It's kinda long, but I think it's a nice read, if you're interested: I think if you are a minor and have no income, and can't get financial help from family, you may be able to get it for free, or at least very cheap ($100-200 at most, I'd think, though it also depends how far along you are). I had a surgical abortion, so I don't know what medical is like. But I wish you luck, and again, don't let anyone put you down for your choice. If you're interested in what my surgical abortion was like, feel free to email me if you have questions. Again, good luck!


You can't use the pill. You can only do that 72 hours after sex. You have to get a real abortion if you want to. Go to planned parenthood. They can help you. But consider the other options. I'm not saying do or don't have an abortion. I'm saying maybe you and your boyfriend can take care of this child or put it up for adoption. I have no opinion on abortion it's just that you'll probably end up regreting it and that's so bad for your body.


You need to tell your parents. They will be angry but I think they will know whats best and they will understand. You shouldn't tell them you should write them a note so everything you feel can be seen before they get angry.


I think you should reconsider you options that's all i'm saying



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