Friend had an abortion at 11 weeks pregnant?

Friend had an abortion at 11 weeks pregnant?

Friend had an abortion at 11 weeks pregnant?


Sometimes the procedure doesn't go as planned, she should contact her doctor.


No she could not , abortions do mess up ur uterus if don't done right & most doctors dont . So she should get checked


She needs to call her doctor if she has concerns.


She needs to see a doctor. And, you stop worrying. This is on HER! She killed her unborn baby. How can you still be friends with a murderer?



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My opinion is that is shoudl be a personal choice. So many women are raped, drug users or have situations where it is necessary. I don't believed it should be used as birth control. I personally would consider adoption before abortion. But I do think it should be legal so that it stays safe...

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Yes, I support abortion rights, because: 1) A woman's body is her own. Nobody, no government, no court, can force a woman to gestate a pregnancy to viability if she does not also agree to do so. It is unfortunate that human reproduction happens inside women, but because that is the truth, anything...

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I usually don't like to argue abortion, but when the baby is so far along, that they have to do a partial birth abortion... it is morally wrong. The baby is viable by then. Thank God that they have been banned in most places, though a few states will still do them electively. There is no justifiable...

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It can cause miscarriages along with other herbs. If she didn't want to get pregnant then why was she stupid enough not to be protected? Pregnancy is wonderful, how would she feel if her mom wanted to abort her?