Free abortion planned parenthood under 18?

Free abortion planned parenthood under 18?

Free abortion planned parenthood under 18?


no, but you can ask to see about medicaide or other free insurance for that stuff. You should have gone their earlier for the free condoms and you wouldn't be being judged but pro life supporters


If they were free I'm sure the clinic would have it posted right outside their door.


i have never heard of a free abortion so now doesnt it seem cheaper to buy a 50 cent condom than a 400 dollar abortion??think next time!!! abortion is not birth control!!!




Well theres no such thing as FREE ABORTION....I don't mean to be rude but I can't stand the idea of killing a baby...I lost one and I was miserable and it was a miscarriage now you just wanna kill one? I don't mean to judge im just stating my own ideas ..if a girl is mature enough to open her legs and have sex and abviously not be scared or thinking of the consequences then be mature to go on with the pregnancy...why kill babies just because your stupidity...ugh. Im sure you can't afford a close to 500 dlls. Procedure..


no. my friend wasnt 18, and she has to go to DSHS and get them to pay for it.


You're not going to get nice answers here. I swear. The vast majority of us here are wondering how to keep our babies alive. Most people are not going to give you info on how to kill one. Why don't you call them?




check this sites



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