Four weeks after a medical abortion, and I still have heavy bleeding - Is this a problem?

Four weeks after a medical abortion, and I still have heavy bleeding - Is this a problem?

Four weeks after a medical abortion, and I still have heavy bleeding - Is this a problem?


I agree here, your health is at risk if you do nothing. You could develop severe anaemia if the bleeding continues, and if anything is left behind you could develop an infection which again could risk your life, or at least your fertility and future pregnancies. Go to the doctor, tell him you were pregnant, that bleeding started and still continues after all this time and that your belly is growing. Explain that other women who've had miscarrages tell you this is not what they experienced and you feel something has gone wrong. Please don't delay any longer. I have seen this sort of thing before and we usually sort it with surgery.


You are going to have to lie to a doctor and say that you were pregnant and you think you have miscarried because of the bleeding. I think that you have "retained products" from your "miscarriage" in other words the embryo hasn't fully come away and that is causing the bleeding. An injection might get it it out or you might need a D&C(scrape) Have you tried hot baths and laxatives? Best wishes and dont let it happen again contraception is much easier!



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