Forced Abortions in China?

Forced Abortions in China?

Forced Abortions in China?


Forced abortion is very real in Communist China. Police will force you to abort child and kill unborn babies in China.



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Pro abortion stories?!?
lol pro-choice might be a more friendly term. i am absolutely pro choice, i dont know of any websites but what reaffirmed my beliefs was when i saw a 13 year old girl pregnant as the result of a rape (i work in a hospital) and it was the most heartbreaking thing i have seen in a while. physically...

Why does Islam allow abortion of a baby before 120 days when the Quran forbids killing children for any cause?
With today's medical procedures and advancements, an abortion to save a mom's life is extremely rare to be needed. Extremely. If that is not the case is some severely exploited impoverished nations, then all diligent effort must be made by Muslims to get quality health care services installed...

How bad do abortions feel?
You wanted this baby, you wanted to be pregnant.. please dont allow your mother to bully you into an abortion- you need to stand up for yourself and this baby. Are your boyfriends parents supportive? Or do you have any supportive family or friends that you could stay with? If not, there are...

Arkansas abortion law?
Highly doubtful as it contradicts Roe V Wade, the prevailing law on abortion.