Follow up on my previous abortion/vote question?

Follow up on my previous abortion/vote question?

Follow up on my previous abortion/vote question?



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What punishment do Abortion Clinics Busted killing over 100 babies born alive deserve?
In the liberals world view, they deserve a nice big grant from the tax payers.

Abortion laws before the womens movement?
Well, the Supreme Court changed them, but... Even birth control was illegal until after the 1930s in the US, and certainly abortion was. There were many underground abortion clinics, and some women who had these types of abortions got infections, became sterile, etc. A few states passed laws...

Can the baby feel the abortion?
Yes. Read this story of Abby Johnson, who was an Employee of the Year at Planned Parenthood, who quit after she saw a baby struggle against the suction device during an ultrasound guided abortion. Abortion ends a life. It's wrong and leaves many women in...

How much is an abortion in the state of Colorado?
It depends on where you go to have the procedure done, whether it is at a physicians office or clinic like planned parenthood, how far along you are, and the procedure performed and what drugs are used if any during the procedure.

How is the United States government involved in abortion?
the states make the laws and regulations concerning abortion, except those laws cannot violate the rights of individual citizens. so outright prohibition of abortion is not legal, however there is no clear line where "regulation" can cross over to de facto prohibition. several states are...