Facts about the abortion pill not for me i just want to no?

Facts about the abortion pill not for me i just want to no?

Facts about the abortion pill not for me i just want to no?


you have to be 18 or older. However, whoever is inquiring needs to know that u MUST follow the directions to the fullest when taking the ab. pill. If not then u can end up with massive infections and possible death. All it does is make the uterus contract to push out anything inside. U start the process and if not taken correctly the pregnancy can continue or it wont finish the job leaving a BIG A@@ MESS. Not judging cause i have 2 abortions before, but tell ur friend to look into other options. The way u feel after the fact is........undescrible and not in a good way. Need more advice contact me: matti0611@yahoo.com. I know these things from recent past experience and it's nothing nice to deal with!



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