Experience of abortion at 23 weeks? ?

Experience of abortion at 23 weeks? ?

Experience of abortion at 23 weeks? ?


An "abortion" at 23 weeks is considered illegal in most places. I put abortion in quotations, because I'm pretty sure you would have to deliver the baby, and it would then be disposed of. It's disgusting that some one would even consider this, and it'll be hard to find some one with personal experience.


Your 22 weeks pregnant at the minute, how can you even want to know wuch a thing? Im horrified. Im 32 weeks pregnant and my little girl is already the best thing ever to me! I can't even read your answers because the thought of it upsets me.....why would you want to know such a thing?


It really depends on where you live, some states you can not have one past 18 weeks


Google it if you must know but it's pretty horrific. It's called a late term abortion and is rarely done, for obvious reasons. Basically they half-deliver the baby and murder it as they are doing so. Feliss


hi i really really really have a problem with abortions i just did some research to answer ur question and some of the way they do this sort of abortion is discusting i dont understand how people could don this but to answer ur question there a fue ways they do this most under anersetic. 1. they inject a leathal dose of a salt producted into the babys anbilical cord and then deliver the baby vaginally and not all the time does the baby die so they leave it in a crib to suffercate because they cant breath. 2 sometime they will just induce the women and leave the baby to die 3. they parcially vaginally deliever the baby so it is living half way out they deliver it to eather the neck and let it strangle or they deliever to the belly button and slit the throught. this is no joke its funny how no one ever tells u these sides to abortion murder is murder there is no write or wrong way to do it there is no moral or good reason for it.


I do not think abortion is possible after the 4 the month which is weeks 14-18


Hiya, I had a wee google and found this http://community.livejournal.com/abortio... which I think should help. Take care x


you can up to 24 weeks but it would be a bad experience for you and a lot worse for the baby


i dont really know but just search the internet they will tell you step by step on what they will do i just wondering why you lefted it til now to have abortion if you need to talk please email me nutterlisa82@yahoo.com



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