Every ponder if we could've changed history by allowing the 50 million aborted babies to live?

Every ponder if we could've changed history by allowing the 50 million aborted babies to live?

Every ponder if we could've changed history by allowing the 50 million aborted babies to live?


Could have changed history if there was a St. Paul or Billy Graham who convert many souls to Christ and fight against sin which is the greatest disease than cancer. Cancer is only a threat here for 20-25 years. Sin is a threat eternal.


possibly There is a very credible suggestion that abortion in the USA was one of the major reasons for the DECREASE in crime in the 90's. All predictions were that it was set to rise, and rise and rise....... then Roe V's Wade kicked in and suddenly, lots of the mistakes and unwanted kids (that had contributed to the crime statistics) just were not there. {Freakonomics, by Levitt and Dubner} of course, there may have been a few einstiens and mozarts that were aborted {although one wonders how mozart would have fared if he had been the son of 'Margene T Slutbucket' and 'unknown'} then again, maybe a few of those aborted were destined to be the next Ted Bundy or Adolf Hitler at the end of the day, this speculation is useless and we have to respect a woman's right to decide


Yes, but that is terrible logic though, because you may as well claim we all need to have ten babies to increase our chances of curing cancer.


The world would certainly be a more moral one without all those murders of precious, unborn babies. And those women participating in the murder of their precious unborn children would not have to live with the terrible emotional and psychological consequences.


Funny how no one ever puts up a picture of a serial killer or a career criminal when we're talking about an abortion that failed.


If God knows everything, why would he put the soul of the person destined to find the cure for cancer in the body of a fetus he knows will be aborted? Is God that incompetent?


Overpopulation of the sons of rapists and dead women........ hmmm


I don't think this is the reason people oppose abortion. Actually I don't think religion has much to do with it either. They're just out to ruin other people's fun.


What about the millions of babies that god aborted via miscarriage?



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