Even if we agree on almost nothing else can pro-life/pro-choice at least agree that the current abortion rate?

Even if we agree on almost nothing else can pro-life/pro-choice at least agree that the current abortion rate?

Even if we agree on almost nothing else can pro-life/pro-choice at least agree that the current abortion rate?


The problem is that both sides would have to concede their position in order for this to work. The pro-choice position is that abortion does not unjustly take the life of an innocent human being. It is therefore the womans right to terminate the pregnancy if that is what she wants, for any reason or no reason at all. By this stance, we shouldn't care how many abortions there are. Pro-lifers contend that from the moment of conception, the unborn are distinct, whole, living human beings. To end their life for elective reasons is a serious moral wrong. Although they would like to see the abortion rate go down, this viewpoint also renders it necessary to make abortion illegal. So there is really only one question here, "What is the unborn?" Is he/she a member of the human family. If not, then who cares how many abortions there are? If so, abortion must be made illegal all together.


I agree with u 110%%%...Whether anyone is FOR or AGAINST abortion, it is disgusting how EASILY people just choose abortion almost as a backup birth control. Get educated people!! And lets facilitate that education AMERICA!!! RE>>> To the person BELOW...Acknowledging the fact that someone is selfish does not = hating them...Those are 2 very different things. You can even go as far as being totally judgmental on someone, and that still doesn't mean that you HATE them.


Most people who are against sex education and birth control are also anti-abortion (pro-life), that's been one of the major stumbling blocks on reaching common ground.


You had to throw in the word selfish. Woman who have abortions are not selfish. Abortion is legal, its a womans legal right to not carry a baby that she does not wish to carry. More sex ed and birth control would do nothing. People would still do what they want to do. If someone has multiple abortions its really none of your business.. if you dont believe in abortion do not have one.. that simple. dont crucify those who do. because people like you make me "nuts".. people who are trying to take away womans rights.. so sad.


The last president ensured that teenage girls would have no access to birth control or information. I'd be delighted to take a half a dozen kids and raise them if it prevented six abortions.


You contradicted yourself. You said you don't hate those who have an abortion but in the same sentence you referred to these people as selfish. Why the judgment if you don't hate them?


good point. Through proper education unwanted pregnancies should (in theory) decrease in number, thus reducing the need for abortions I'm pro-choice (and pro-abortion....yes I said it, I'm pro-abortion)



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