Eugenic abortion?

Eugenic abortion?

Eugenic abortion?


Abortion is the termination of a new life, imperfect or not, that the existing life deems they should not support. In Judaism abortion after 40 days is considered a sin. However, in Israel where about 50,000 abortions take place every year, 17% of those are due to genetic defects. This is three times the average of most countries. Any farmer or rancher will tell you that if he doesn't cull his crops or herds he will be out of business. If we were not such a rich nation where food and government assistance are plentiful for the most part, this would not even be a discussion.


Well, you could tell them about reality. As I child I remember a time before Roe v. Wade and would learn enough of the story to piece together what happened years later. A friend of the family (I'll call her Gloria) was a rape victim that was having a miscarriage. Doctors were reluctant to help such people back then as they could be accused of performing an abortion and lose their license. In some states they could even be jailed. Not able to find a doctor to help her, a friend took her to someone she thought could. Gloria bled to death. After the funeral I remember my grandmother with tears streaming down her face stammering, "It's a damn shame that we live in a country where dogs have access to better treatment than a woman." Gloria was a victim twice, once by the rapist and once by the law. With the passage of time people have either forgotten what it was like back then or are to young to know. However, the GOP is well aware of what it was like back then and aware of the fact that most folks aren’t. They use the public’s ignorance to their advantage to stir our emotions in order to sucker us for our votes. Like before Roe v. Wade, the rich will always have access to a safe abortion. It’s the poor that suffer. The party of the rich (republican) is very well aware of that too. Gloria is no longer here to tell her story or to sound an alarm. Her voice must come through you. A woman in the 1950's arrested for an abortion when in fact she had a miscarriage. Furthermore, my father was a fireman in Washington DC. He drove a pumper truck back before Roe v. Wade and the drivers had to take turns driving the city ambulances. The city ambulance was part of the fire department in those days. When Roe v. Wade passed I remember my father muttering, "It's about damn time!" He said it many times through the day. I remember hearing him yell it loudly in our back yard. I was a child then and wasn't sure what his sentiments were about but now I know. He saw the horror the conservative right wants to return us to.


Most people agree that the fetus is fully formed at 7 months, which is probably why only 1% of abortions are performed after that date. However, abortions for fetal deformities is not eugenics. Eugenics is abortion to improve the race. It's things like sterilizing prisoners because we don't want them multiplying. It existed in the US before WWII, and was not made illegal in some states until 1980. As to fetal deformities, that depends on the deformity. I see no reason to abort someone who is Down's syndrome, but when a baby is going to be born with its heart outside it's chest, I think abortion is appropriate. Here are some other fetal deformities to consider.


A defective fetus raises the chance of the mother's death in child birth. Why should a woman risk her life to give birth to a child who will require millions in operations to survive weeks? Doesn't a person have a right to decide what risks they will run with their body?


The most obvious point would be the fact that a woman should not be forced by the government to carry any fetus to term. Moreover, to your specific issue, the government certainly shouldn't force women to carry a fetus that will suffer and die days after the pregnancy.


Look up Sir Francis Galton who fathered the theory of Eugenics. He was cousin to Darwin (the evolution guy) and his Grandfather was actually the guy to come up with the theory of evolution Darwin was the guy to first patent it. It goes like this. Because there is no divine creator and we have all evolved to higher life forms only the fittest survive. As man kind we have a duty to ensure that we keep people from an inferior race from breeding and passing off their genes to the rest of society. The Eugenics movement sparked forced sterilization (even in the US) in the early 19th century of undesirables, criminals, poor, illiterate, unwed mothers and blacks, most people did not even know it was happening to them or had happened to them, and that was done by the US government. I was a very racist time. One great follower of this movement took it a step beyond and decided that to promote a superior race he must do away with the inferior to breed a pure, superior, white, arian race. He believed that as the eugenics movement lost steam in following generations society would become dumber. He gathered to himself a great body of men who followed him to their deaths to promote this cause and quickly kill of those who were least fit to live and reproduce he created death camps and put millions of Jews, blacks, homosexuals and other "inferior" people into the gas chambers at Auschwitz and other places. So if you must argue for abortion use the quotes that brought Hitler followers. You see Hitler made people feel like they were better people and superior to others, this won him followers. If you have ever wondered how Hitler gained his followers this is how. Be very tongue in cheek, by doing so you will win the debate but people will still get it. There was also intelligence testing done by psychologists who were very racist. They gathered statistics to prove what they wanted to hear and gain followers in their racism the way the test worked is lets say a guy spoke Spanish he would give it to him in English and say how much more intelligent the English were than the Spanish because of how much worse the Spainards did but this was unfair. If you have to go Eugenics go Hitler. Hitler was an evil, evil man but he used the Eugenics movement to gain followers and if people did not agree with Hitler he would not have been a force to be reckoned with. Hitler's leadership was some how effective and brilliant in a way that I hope this world never has to see ever again.


This is why:



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