English essay against abortion?

English essay against abortion?

English essay against abortion?


You need to have a thesis statement. You need to either strongly agree or strngly disagree with abortion. You need to back it up why you feel that way and the side effects of abortion. If I were you I would interview someone who had or was thinking about termination. That way you have real life feelings and fact. And you could use that persons name as one of your sources. I was thinking about abortion but thank g-d I decided that if I had to choose between life and death I will choose LIFE. Today I am 14 weeks pregnant and I am so happy aNd proud of my decision to stick it out no matter what. :)) If you want you could email me thegirl9488@yahoo.com


Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments by Randy Alcorn Making Abortion Rare : A Healing Strategy for a Divided Nation by David C. Reardon, PhD There are more that I haven't mentioned. Also, check out the documentary "The Silent Scream." It is a video by an ex abortion doctor turned Pro-Life activist. Good luck with your essay. Academia will probably scorn you or downplay your position, but hang in there.


The bible- this is a big one, THOU SHALT NOT MURDER (i'm not yelling, just emphasizing) Biology - argue that life starts upon conception, and that aborting a fetus or fertilized egg is like taking the life of a human being. I am personally pro choice, hope this helps


Well you have the right to your own opinion, but find the book called "how to subjugate women" and you've got it. Next thing that happens someone'll be saying women shouldn't vote.



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