Elisabeth Hasselbeck is aghast at the thought of Sheri Shepherd's many abortions. Who agrees?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is aghast at the thought of Sheri Shepherd's many abortions. Who agrees?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is aghast at the thought of Sheri Shepherd's many abortions. Who agrees?


I was surprised she talked about aborting her pregnancies. Isn't that something that should be very private? I certainly wouldn't tell anyone, much less a national TV audience. She said "I had more abortions than I would like to count." That's really something that should be private. As for seeing them in heaven.. .well.... if abortion is murder according to the Bible (which Sherri also talks about), would the aborted babies want to see their own murderer? Would an aborted human look at her as a mother or as a murder who never gave them a chance to have a life? She made it seem like she simply put an old dog or cat down to sleep.


If someone told me they had more abortions than they could count I would be aghast too. I would think the person is either lying, the biggest skank on Earth, or just plain freaking nuts.


I can not STAND Elisabeth Hasselbeck! She is just another I'm so perfect and prude Republican Bi*ch who thinks her "poo-poo" doesn't stink. One day we will she her skeletons when they come tumbling out of the closet in full force! I have watched the View once, and it was the episode where she started crying over the "N Word." To me, she has a false sense of entitlement.


Sherri is the biggest skank and if EH was aghast, I don't blame her. She has family values and obviously Sherri doesn't. And how dumb was it of her to announce it on TV? She made EH look good.


It's aleady done, now and EH is aghast at a lot of things. As far as the babies in Heaven... there will be no negativity there, so it will all be about love.


Why would anyone use abortion as a form of birth control. I think Sherri is sorry she even opened her mouth. I am sorry you have such a bad opinion of Elizabeth but I honestly think she would never have an abortion no matter what.


I'm sure Sherri knew how EH would take it so I guess Sherri's all right with it. EH is entitled to her opinion of course but her self-righteousness will catch up with her one day. Holier-than-thou types always have something to hide.


Elisabeth probably freaked out,,


It's tacky of anyone to go on national Tv and announce you've had more than one abortion. To each his own.



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