Does the Planned Parenthood in Dallas offer abortion pills?

Does the Planned Parenthood in Dallas offer abortion pills?

Does the Planned Parenthood in Dallas offer abortion pills?


I know they offer the morning after pill, and whatever options they have for abortion will be there, too. But do not expect to just pop in and get what you want without answering some questions and possibly an exam. While you are there, get an exam and get a prescription for birth control.


Yes. It is called Medical Abortion and you have to be less than 3 months. It is preferable than syrgury. You would bleed for about 1 mo. thou. I volunteer with them for a while. I hope it helps, if you have any questions please don't hesitate in e-mail me. L.


is 75 cents for a condom really to much to ask?????


please! reconsider such a decision. maybe not finding the info. on the website is a not do it.


yes they offer murder pills



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