Does the federal government have the authority to stop the Mississippi abortion law?

Does the federal government have the authority to stop the Mississippi abortion law?

Does the federal government have the authority to stop the Mississippi abortion law?


The state can not pass laws that limit people rights under the Constitution. The courts have ruled repeatedly, that abortion is a right guaranteed by the Constitution. So, what you are really asking it doesn't Mississippi have a right to ignore the Constitution if it suits their prejudices.


It seems that we as a country are not only on a slippery slope of unending federal control over the States but we are actually sliding faster than terminal velocity at this point. The feds dictate what you eat and how much fat your food has in it. Now we are forced to carry insurance. No end in sight.


The question of states' rights was pretty much settled by the Civil War. Have you heard of it?


Mississippi residents have constitutional rights too.....the state can't dissolve those.




Yes...stop them murderous in human baby killers....No hope at without jesus. God loves you.....



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