Does Planned Parenthood help pay for an abortion?

Does Planned Parenthood help pay for an abortion?

Does Planned Parenthood help pay for an abortion?


Yes, depending on the resources available to them, they'll do everything they can to try and help you afford the abortion. Some local clinics can work out payment plans, others offer their fees on a sliding scale based on income- if your state allows for Medicaid to go to fund abortions, they can help you apply for that ( ), and in very desperate situations, they may help you apply for aid from a private abortion fund, if you qualify ( ). Hope that helps. EDIT: @SoCalSavannah: "Babies feel pain during the procedure, when they are killed . . . witnessing a baby struggle against suction device during an ultrasound guided abortion." Nope. Britain's Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has found that nerve endings in the fetal brain aren't developed enough before 24 weeks to signal any pain. Thus, says the College's report, "It can be concluded that the foetus cannot experience pain in any sense prior to this gestation." Noting that the same responses are seen in seriously malformed fetuses that have no brain at all (and therefore can't possibly experience pain), the report surmises that "There are indeed reflex responses, but in our view, because the nerves are not wired up to the cortex, they are reflex actions without experience of pain." ( ).


Unfortunately, no. You might be able to get a bank loan, or put it on a credit card and make payments. Your only other option would be to ask your friends and family for help. Sometimes calling on a family member in a difficult situation is hard, but if you have good friends, they're more than likely going to be happy to lend you the money to help you get out of trouble. Good luck.


You are 23, not some young teenager who can be convinced that a fetus is just a blob of cells. See what your baby looks like here: # of weeks)-weeks Also read stories of other women who have killed their babies and regretted it for life. Praying for you. How will you explain to your later children that you killed their older sibling? Or will you hide it, knowing it was the wrong thing to do?



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