Does medicaid coverage in TX help with abortion costs?

Does medicaid coverage in TX help with abortion costs?

Does medicaid coverage in TX help with abortion costs?


Well, since you are on here asking about it, with some details as to why you think she might need one, I'm thinking you are not wanting her to get an abortion and she doesn't want one, either. Otherwise, you'd call the number on the back of your Medicaid insurance card and askyour caseworker or the toll-free customer service person rep to get a simple yes or no. So, I would suggest she and you both consider talking to a board-certified OB/GYN about the potential medical condition that is exacerbated by a pregnancy.....many times it's just the opinion of a non-medical professional or an unreliable website. If the case is that it's truly a "medical necessity" (which is really pretty rare in 2010), it's not done at a "cattle-call" abortion clinic with a questionable doctor, but in a hospital setting with a high-risk OB/GYN performing the procedure. Please contact your Medicaid case worker for specifics. EDIT: Although I'm a big supporter of midwives and feel they are the experts in normal and healthy pregnancies, the fact remains that I would want a Maternal-Fetal medicine specialist and the specialist overseeing what my "potential life-threatening condition" is (be it a cardiologist, pulmonologist, etc) to determine if an abortion was really necessary before I consented to one. If they said it truly was a medical necessity, the Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist would be the one likely to perform the pregnancy termination. If your personal doc and midwife are trying to send you to a "clinic" to have it done, I would get a 2nd or 3rd opinon because if someone has a life-threatening condition, they don't need surgery done in a clinic (and an abortion is surgery) with a doctor that has most likely lost hospital privileges (most abortion clinic docs don't have hospital privileges....they lost them due to malpractice issues). If one truly needs to terminate the pregnancy for health reasons, they need the surgery done in a hospital with a reputable and trained high risk specialist.


No because your choosing to do this. Unless you a doctor can come out and say if she has this baby she can became ill. Even then im not sure if they would. Medicaid only cover services that are needed.


I know I am not answering your question, but I feel medicaid should cover abortion, in all states, for all reasons.



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