Does General Mills support womens free clinics where they offer abortions?

Does General Mills support womens free clinics where they offer abortions?

Does General Mills support womens free clinics where they offer abortions?


Who knows? Maybe it is true. If General Mills does support abortion like that - it probably already would have broke in the media and yes, a boycott would practically break the company. Nice citizen you are. The President is pissing on the constitution and religious freedom and your response is blah, blah, blah. That lazy and uneducated attitude also helped people like Hitler come to power without anything stopping him. I apologize if you are younger than seven. Maybe you just are a kid and then this kind of question is expected.


It sounds like someone has made up a nasty rumor to get pro-lifers to buy Kellog's and Post cereals.



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You know what you could do instead of taking away an innocent chils life? Have the baby and give it up for adoption. If you don't listen and get an abortion your still a mother, just a mother of a dead baby that you helped kill. Harsh yes, but its the facts.

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