Does contraception = abortion

Does contraception = abortion

Does contraception = abortion


People like sex, because they have been hard wired to like it. Organisms have evolved to survive, and part of this is having offspring- and to do this we must naturally have sex. It releases endomorphins into the blood which give us a high, so its not only a pshycological thing that we like the closeness, but a chemical thing too. As for does contraception=abortion, no not necesserily. Contraception, in some was prevents fertilisation of the egg by the semen. So technically, you can not kill a life that has not yet been created- it generally prevents the formation of a zygote, rather than killing the created cell. As for whether disrupting the possibility of creating life, of a zygote, is acceptable for procreation is OK- its a matter of personal opinion. Not I or anyone, should tell people how to live their lives, we can only advise and allow each induvidual to make their own choices. I suppose the exception to this is "the morning after pill" which prevents implantation of the zygote into the womb, so technically this is really an abortion, as the fertilisation of the egg has already occured.


ok if no-one ever used contraception and had sex then everyone will eventually be infected with some form of infection and the females up the duff allways each year, the world seriouslly over populated etc if everyone used contraception and had sex, unplanned preg would be very little and abortion pretty much ruled out, and far fewer people with infection If everyone abstrained from sex then the population would come to a halt, no births just deaths, so personally i think it is best that we use contraception to our advantage the world is already over populated and alot of people have infections, people who are active should be checked before sexually activity with a partner and regular check ups during relationship as well as using some form of contraception unless wanting a child. definition of killing the nation- ending life or ending the possibility would your choice not kill the world in sense of generations later? contraception= less unplanned pregs, less infections spreading no contraception= preg girls everywhere each year and families of like 20 by menopause. over population and infections spreading abstraining= no further generations, less infections


It is natural for people to eff each other brains out and have as many bambini as possible. Then childhood diseases come along and kill them or they starve or get run over in traffic. It is natural and to be expected. It's God's will. Which of course means that God really doesn't like us much. If you must know, God created the natural world where excess reproductive fecundity is continually in collision with the buzz saw of natural selection. It is all part of God's plan. All the trees that don't bear fruit, so to speak are cut down and thrown into the fire.


Given that many fertilisation events end in spontaneous miscarriage without the mother even being aware of it I think your understanding of contraception, sex and abortion is flawed. You believe in God so your understanding of reality is flawed too.


In answer to Danger, people still had sex in earlier days when contraception wasn't around. Women just used douches to wash out the sperm after intercourse or resorted to herbs to encourage miscarriage. Surely shouldn't you be more concerned about those that are already born, instead of clumps of cells, or eggs and sperm that are not likely to fuse together? One more thing - don't impose your religion on the rest of us.


Birth Control is not abortion. Its stopping something from happening to begin with. It doesn't kill anything. Learn some science from REAL books.


No one dies when people use contraception- it's just used to prevent the zygote from happening. Have sex and dont use contraception, and presto, a lot of mouths to feed! At this time of poverty, more mouths to feed cant be afforded. So might as well, prevent them from existing.


Contraception is a means to halting the spread of disease and avoiding unwanted pregnancy. Sexual urges are normal in human beings and cannot be denied.


No, contraception is not abortion. But religious fundamentalism stops a thinking mind.



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