Does Abortion hurt women?

Does Abortion hurt women?

Does Abortion hurt women?


You are not the one who should make the decision about an abortion - and you must not force the issue. This decision resides with the woman. People need to realize that if they choose to have sex, a pregnancy is ALWAYS an option, even if they are using birth control. I have a friend who got pregnant with twins and then with a single baby, and she was on the pill the whole time. No surgical procedure is risk free. Some women do suffer serious complications, and some do have scarring that can lead to infertility. It isn't common, but it does happen. More important, however, is the emotional scarring. No woman can get an abortion without feeling some kind of loss and guilt. I think it's possible you need to rethink your motivations. If you didn't want a baby, you should have keep your pants zipped. I've you've created one, you need to be RESPONSIBLE - and expecting your girlfriend to do what is most "convenient" for you is not responsibility. It is called selfishness. Your partner may choose to carry the baby and give it life. If she does, step up to the plate and be a man. Adoption is always a possibility. I've never known a case in which abortion was a satisfactory option in the long run. Never


for some women abortion can cause some serious mental health issues,like depression and things like that. some start going downhill and getting into bad things, and around the due date some women have committed suicide. it does not have that effect on all women tho. there is chances that she might not be able to have kids again after the process. try not to feel too guilty remember it takes 2 people to get pregnant. this happens to alot of people. is she is pregnant. you should support whatever decision she makes, don't force her into abortion. sit down and talk with her about all your options and what effect your choice might have on your relationship. if your ready for a baby, how you will support financial ect.


You are not a horrible person, and there are Safe abortions, yes when the time is right she will be able to get pregnant again, but before I made a decision I would talk with both sets of parents. If you a do not want to get married that is all right but there are other alternatives to abortion that might make more sense for you


As with any medical procedure, there are risks to abortion, but generally it is very safe. Less than 3% of women experience any complications at all, fewer than 0.5% experience complications serious enough to warrant hospitalization, and maternal death occurs in only 0.0006% of abortions. Abortion has absolutely no effect on a woman's fertility or her ability to have children in the future. If she is pregnant, make sure that you stand by her side and help her in this difficult time. Help her explore all of her options and do your best to support her with whatever choice she makes.


Depending on where they are preformed, yes they can hurt women. Here is a great site that explains the processes. If she is pregnant, you need to sit down with her and discuss your options. You can carry the baby to term and keep it (you may have a change of heart during the pregnancy and want to keep the baby!) or give it up for adoption. Abortion is such a cruel option. Because this is how I look at husband's mother almost had an abortion with him, but chickened out at the last minute. If she had gone through with it, I would have never found him (love of my life) and we wouldn't have a beautiful baby boy. You just never know who you are taking away from the world when you have an abortion.


If its done legally it shouldnt hurt the womens health. It deffinatly should hurt them emotionally though! Most women are able to get pregnant again! If she is pregnant it her body and its up to her what she does. You cant force her to have an abortion


As far as I know, abortions (if done by a professional doctor) do not hurt a womanss health, and they should not interfere with a woman's ability to get pregnant again. In my opinion, I think you guys should have a verylongg discussion, because this is not something you should consider lightly. Consider every single option you can. Does adoption work for you? Is there anyway you could keep the baby? And so on. And if she hasn't taken a pregnancy test yet, don't freak out too badly. And you are not a horrible person for considering it. It is your and your girlfriend's choice to make and not someone elses. Please don't listen to people who try and make you feel bad, because I'm sure you feel bad enough. They have never been in your situation and have no idea what it feels like.


Abortion is a very controversial topic but yes abortion is safe regardless of your views on it. She can definately get pregnant later down the road but make sure you learn from this and are careful so that way the next time she is pregnant you don 't have to go through this again. Don't feel like a horrible person these things happen and you have to do what is best for you. Most likely if people criticize you on here it is because they have never been put in that situation. Hopefully she is not pregnant but if she is just do your research and make sure the decision you make is the right one and you are sure before you do it.


If she is pregnant, you can't even suggest an abortion. That is her decision, and she knows her options. Trust me on this one. The best thing to do is support her and love her no matter what decision she makes. Don't be angry with her if she doesn't want an abortion--they hurt. Both physically and mentally. One of my co-workers got an abortion once, said it was the most painful thing she's ever had to go through. They don't give you anesthesia to relieve the pain at all.



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