Does abortion effect fertility?

Does abortion effect fertility?

Does abortion effect fertility?


Absolutely not. The stories about abortion affecting fertility are put out there by the pro-life psychos who'd rather women were just baby machines. It is very, very rare that an abortion has any effect, and it usually comes from infection or so on, which you most certainly would have known about at the time. It takes time, you know. Some healthy couples can take up to two years to get pregnant. Give it time!


no i wouldnt say so hun, i had a n abortion also when i was younger and now have a 15 month old son. we used clear blue ovulation ( the one with the smiley face) try them they are really good x try ebay chick they are cheaper on there. thatisnt a bad price but even so if you can get it cheaper more money fror baby things :) good luck sending baby dust your way. i would love to know how you get on xxx



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No, there are no home remedies for abortions. If you are wanting to terminate your pregnancy then you must go to your doctors or visit an abortion clinic. Please don't try and abort this baby yourself, you could end up being really sick and its just not safe.