DOCTORS please ABORTION question?

DOCTORS please ABORTION question?

DOCTORS please ABORTION question?


You think DOCTORS have time to post answers on this site FOR FREE, just because? Don't count on it.



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What is the best way to have an abortion? Herbal/drinking allowed.?
Do your own research - Preventing and Ending Pregnancy Herbally Natural Liberty: Rediscovering Self-Induced Abortion Methods ISBN: 0964592002 NATURAL INDUCED MISCARRIAGE Last Resort Methods According to a 2003 study...

Rachel Maddow called Sonia Sotomayor a "moderate"......say what?
It all depends on your perspective. To Rachel Maddow, Hugo Chavez is a moderate.

Goper says he is against abortion even in cases of "the rape thing"?
So what? Is it against liberal sensibilities to have opinions? hehehe How likely is that to affect anyone's abortion rights? hehehe I'm glad the organ I use to decide who to vote for is my brain and not something else. HAHAHA!

Surgical abortion, (PLEASE WOMEN WITH EXPERIENCE) *desperate*?
I strongly advise contacting your medical provider about these issues. On Yahoo here, you are likely to get either sensationalist stuff calling abortion murder, guilt-trips, religious proselytizing, verbal abuse, or just plain bad advice in this moment of crisis. Be wary of any clinic that...

John McCain abortion question?
mccain might appoint supreme court judges to overturn roe v wade which would make abortion a state by state decision and definately not a good idea. imagine having to fly across the country for one because its illegal in your area... it will lead to many unwanted and abused children. abortion...