Do you think it was right for Hillary to bribe Kenya with money forcing Abortions to be legal there?

Do you think it was right for Hillary to bribe Kenya with money forcing Abortions to be legal there?

Do you think it was right for Hillary to bribe Kenya with money forcing Abortions to be legal there?


The USA has been doing this for decades, with different policies under ALL the presidents. When BushJr was in office we withheld aid to countries that allowed abortion or promoted safe sex or anything other than abstinence. We've always made countries do something we thought necessary or in our best interest in order to get aid. We don't allow any of our corporations to trade at all with Cuba, and you don't have a problem with that do you? Let's not be naive..


Hillary herself isn't right, in any definition of the term, much less anything she does. She's the new york congressman from Arkansas. What a bunch of stories her life is made of. God Bless you.


Obama certainly does


Why are you surprised? Liberals have a long history of pushing abortion on minorities.


CFR puppet H. Clinton is not trustworthy.


Ehhh, why not? It's for a good cause.


Doesn't surprise me one bit.


You can lie to yourself, and that is all





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