Do you support/defend abortion if you know the child has Downs?

Do you support/defend abortion if you know the child has Downs?

Do you support/defend abortion if you know the child has Downs?


It's not my choice, but yes, I support the right to make that decision. It is obviously discriminatory, but not without reason. Parents don't want their kids to go through a life with low quality of life. It isn't just lower IQ, but a whole host of medical issues, with a reasonable expectation of shorter lifespan. On the other hand, if people want to have children with Down's Syndrome, that's fine. If such a test for gayness were possible, I wouldn't support the choice morally, but I would support keeping that choice legal. It is the mother's choice, not mine. I wouldn't consider it a hate crime, especially if the pregnancy were terminated early on. Late-term abortions in general are morally tricky, but if you aborted a fetus in the first trimester because the tests suggested that it would be gay, then you'd be an @-hole, but it wouldn't be a hate crime.


The down syndrome children I've known are a pure joy to be around. They're slow to hate, quick to love, and remind me everyday that I need to strive to be a little more kind, a little more understanding, a little more quick to laugh, and that the greatest things can be found in the smallest accomplishments. No, I wouldn't support this.


I personally would not advocate for the abortion of a child merely based on Downs.


You sound like Adolph Eichmann. You know, the retards were the first people the Nazis went after. Mental hospitals were the first to experiment with disposal of human beings.


No, what would be the point in having morals if they can change @Smeller, Conservatives are the biggest givers to charity. Your lie smells


I neither support nor defend abortion. What I DO support is a woman's right to make her own personal, private reproductive decisions. It's not my business, nor the business of the government.


I would defend it. It may seem cruel, but denying millions of Americans that are already here food, shelter and medical care is more cruel. Who is going to take care of that child, the eviscerated government? I will believe in the good will of Conservatives when they support setting aside funds to support the more unfortunate amongst us. Now it is just self-aggrandizing lip service.


I support a woman and her doctor making the best decision for her, not the government.


fetuses aren't people. So no this isn't the same as killing a person for having down's syndrome. A woman's body is hers to decide about. She's the one running the risks.



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