Do you reckon existing abortion laws in New Zealand are an affront to woman's rights?

Do you reckon existing abortion laws in New Zealand are an affront to woman's rights?

Do you reckon existing abortion laws in New Zealand are an affront to woman's rights?


Interesting. I wonder if the same people who want to enforce 'informed consent' for abortion want to do so also for rape? Yeah I know, it'll never happen. Australian laws vary state to state, it's pretty much the same here, but activists remain committed to getting abortion removed from the criminal code, and putting the matter where it belongs ~ in the hands of the woman concerned and her doctor, or whoever she chooses to advise her. With regards to your edit, that is a major concern here (Australia). With majority community attitudes in favour of abortion as a private matter, there hasn't been too much need to change the law as a matter of urgency. But with a very right wing nutjob just gaining a LOT of power in federal parliament and the state governments being increasingly infested by religious fools, it will only be a matter of time before politicians once again decide they know better than the people involved. Funny how the one freedom people on the right always want is the freedom to stick their nose in the affairs of others. Hopefully the NZ population will not let politicians and radical right wing religious judges and zealots take away their hard won rights. Cheers :-)


I think that taking the right to abortion, whether right or wrong, away from the woman and putting it into the hands of a doctor definitely violates women's rights. The mother should be the ultimate decision maker in abortion cases, not the doctor. It basically says that doctors have the right to dictate the bodily functions of a woman without her consent, and that attitude in a partner is easily indicative of an abusive or controlling person, so why is it ok for doctors to have that attitude? They are responsible for diagnosing and treating diseases, nothing more.


I think the law is the same here in most Australian states, yet they appear to be performed basically on demand, I assume with the explanation of preserving the mental health of the woman. I think those laws are too strict but they are applying them more liberally here and maybe there. Harriet


I wish the laws in the US were similar. I have a serious issue with abortion on demand when there is a perfectly normal child that will result in 7 or 8 months.


I think 20 weeks is enough time to get it done.


Personally, I think those are too many boundaries.



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