Do you need to have a parents consent to get an abortion?

Do you need to have a parents consent to get an abortion?

Do you need to have a parents consent to get an abortion?


Abortion IS LEGAL up to 24 weeks(6 months) despite what that pious bigot above may want you to think, so don't be discouraged. As far as doing it without parents consent, there's little that can be done. You can attempt to file for emancipation based on the fact that you are pregnant, but I can't see a 15 year old having the resources to do that. All that being said, you're most likely going to have to tell your parents, as painful as it may be, and I have the utmost understanding of this situation, having been in a similar bind myself as a teenager. But please hurry, time IS the biggest factor in this instance, you really can't wait. Abortions become riskier the further along you get, and at 4 months, they're already going to have to perform a partial abortion which is a serious invasive medical procedure. The worst possible thing you could do is wait to tell your parents because you'll most likely end up having to have that unwanted baby, dooming it to a miserable life, and taking away another already living child's chances of being adopted. Whatever you're thinking, I urge you, don't wait. I waited till it was too late and the result were terrible to say the least.


It depends on what state you live in- different states have different laws regarding parental notice and parental consent. As far as when you can get an abortion- most states ban elective abortion after 24 weeks.


AND ADOPTION?(IF THERE ARE PROBLEMS TO KEEP THE BABY) First of all tell your parents,THEY love you and will help with your child :) then-->keep the baby :) NOW you're 15 then you'll be 30 and yu will be very HAPPY with your child :) Is there really any reason this child can't live because of? AND ADOPTION?(IF THERE ARE PROBLEMS TO KEEP THE BABY) You must think also about what is the best for YOUR child ? Think about it. YOUR CHILD ONLY NEEDs TO GROW UP THEN IT WILL BE LIKE THIS: Think about it. If there are problem you can give it up for adoption ! You kill him\her with the abortion, and even if you kill him to twenty years's the same...! do not abort it! And do not use contraceptives! Say yes to life ... Remember that you can give the baby up for ADOPTION! If your mother aborted you .. you would not be born! The same to you if she aborted you or if she killed you when you were 6 ... THINK ALSO ABOUT YOUR CHILD’S RIGHTS ? Speak with God...He loves and will help :) Think about it. say Yes to life =) You’LL BE VERY HAPPY with YOUR child :D ______________________________________...


Ignore all the rude comments. But I hate to say you are to far along now. So the best choice for you would be adoption and just talk to your mom she was young once and will understand. P. S. to all the rude people you should be ashamed of yourselves.


Well theres no turning back now. You missed your deadline at 12 weeks. Just give your baby up for adoption, and give it a chance at a good life.


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