Do you need parental consent for an abortion in CT if you're 16?

Do you need parental consent for an abortion in CT if you're 16?

Do you need parental consent for an abortion in CT if you're 16?


Look up parental consent laws for your state. If there are none, then you can abort without them knowing. If there are, then you can either be a grownup and tell them you're pregnant and want to abort, or you can try to get a judicial bypass. Either way, you should tell your parents. You thought you were adult enough to have sex, so you should be adult enough to tell your parents that you screwed up. Good luck.


im from ct you can just go to planned parent hood I dont advise it but if thats your choice there is other things you can do if you end up wanting to keep the child and the ppl at planned parent hood will help and you dont need your parents consent


for a regular dr. appointment yes. but if you go to a planned parenthood i do not believe so, will have more information and you can find one in your area and give them a call.


yes i believe so but u should ask them to find out for sure






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