Do you know how abortion effects your body?

Do you know how abortion effects your body?

Do you know how abortion effects your body?


There are no verses in the bible that support abortion. But it does say in the Ten Commandments that "Thou shall not committ murder." I believe that about sums it all up. No matter how you look at it, it is MURDER!! When the sperm and egg become one and is fertilized, it is a baby with a soul. Fetus + embryo + blob of tissue= BABY!!! It is not our right to decide the fate of an unborn child, just as it is not our right to take someone else's life. It is up to God to decide our fate. There are so many couples out there that cannot have babies. So for the irresponsible women out there having sex and getting pregnant, why not do the responsible thing and give your baby a life through adoption? Yes, I am very opinionated about this subject b/c women know how to prevent pregnancy(even though, I'm against birth control, but that's another subject). If you're responsible enough to have unprotected sex then you're responsible enough to deal with the consequences of it(not that having a baby is bad, but it's definently a heavy responsibility). These females need to get real, stop taking the easy, convenient, murderous way out of the one precious gift of life--->a baby!! How would you feel if you're mom would've aborted you...obviously you wouldn't know b/c you wouldn't be here....think about it!!


Do you know how childbirth affects your body? Abortion is exponentially safer than live birth. Pregnancy is extremely hard on a woman's health. The developing fetus sucks nutrients out of its mother's body to survive, leaving her at a higher risk of developing vitamin deficencies and osteoporosis. If the woman's body cannot take the stress of pregnancy, she can develop gestational diabetes, gestational toxiema, eclampsia, placenta previa, and all sorts of absolutely horrific pregnancy complications. That's a lot to suffer for a child you don't want. The idea that a legal abortion can result in higher chance of breast cancer, infertility, and later miscarriages is a myth - there is no proof whatsoever of any of that. There IS proof that **botched, back-alley abortions** can result in lacerations to the uterus, massive blood loss, infection, etc., but that's just another reason to keep them safe and legal. Also, the MAIN risk for laceration to the uterus, massive blood loss, infection, etc. is PREGNANCY. What is a c-section if not a laceration to the uterus? As far as the guilt, shame, anniversary remembrances, etc. - every study on the subject indicates that what women feel after an abortion is RELIEF. She can choose to simply put guilt, shame, etc. behind her. (Honestly, I can't think of anything more neurotic than "anniversary remembrances" of an abortion. One has "anniversary remembrances" of POSITIVE occasions for heaven's sake! Birthdays, anniversaries, not abortions.) And yes, there ARE good reasons for therapeutic abortions, and yes, they are natural. Womens' bodies slough non-viable embryos all the time - spontaneous abortion occurs in both humans and animals every day. Anyone who doesn't think there's any good reason for a therapeutic abortion needs to read up on complications of pregnancy, especially a condition called ECLAMPSIA, which a college friend of mine suffered during her very much wanted first pregnancy. In the end, she had to choose between a therapeutic abortion and tubal ligation, or certain death for both herself and the baby. Suffice to say, she's still alive, but is looking into adoption. I agree, this forum is for questions, not sermons.


For anyone who reads that psycho gorgeous's post...let me better explain that for you: Genesis 38:24 says... Says "And it came to pass about three months after, that it was told JUDAH saying, Tamarthy daughter in law hath played the harlot and also she is with child by whoredom and JUDAH said "Bring her forth and let her be burnt" Genesis 38:26 that Judah had been wrong, and that she was rightgeous , and then is Genesis 28:27 is says she has twins, In Genesis 28:28-30 When the Midlife dame she delievered two babies, Pharez and Zarah" You can't use the bible againist pro-life, if you haven't actual read the bible. Numbers 31:17 " Now therefore Kill ever male among the little ones, now stop, because before that at kill is has an a that says refer to dueterononmy 7:2 which says "and the lord thy god SHALL deliever them before thee and DESTROY THEM Numbers 5:12-31 when you read verse 31 it states that she shall BEAR HER GUILT, in all of it it says her BELLY WILL SWELL AND HER THIGHS WILL ROT Matthew 26:24 the man who betrays god, that it would have better if he were not born at all...Nothing about aborting him. He was ALIVE when HE SAID IT, God NEVER said that In genesis 2:7 never says that a child in a womb is not alive additionally is you ACTUALLY read 2 Kings 15:16 That MENAHAM ripped the child from the woman..but when you read the next verse it says AND HE DID THAT WHICH WAS EVIL IN THE SIGHT OF THE LORD Hosea 13:15-16 In the verse 16 it says THEIR INFANTS SHALL BE DASHED IN PIECES (not the unborn child) but when you read those little references that always skipped Ripped up means (held guilty) Numbers 3:15 a month old in our out of the womb, and if you think about it that disputes genesis 2:7 as well which says when they breathe through their nostrils they are alive, so i assume that means a month old in the womb (which coincedently is when the heart starts beating) Oh and here are some: When a woman gets pregnant her hormones began working on over drive, Her breast then start to produce milk, when you abort, you stop that natural process and that leaves scar tissue, which later in life results in BREAST CANCER. also when you abort a baby, You damage yourself and might develop CANCER, which will then either A.) Not allow you to have children once they removed) and B.) Hit Menopause at an extremely young age. Not too mention the mental anguish you will suffer for years, and the devastation that if your lucky enough to have children will feel. Also, By allowing woman to "chooose" You start to allow them to feel that abortion is a cope out, which result in higher AIDS/HIV infections, as well as STDS and PELVIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASE


I couldn't agree w/ you more! This was great, I totally understood your question. The answer is no. A lot of people continue doing this w/out thinking how bad is for them physically, mentally and emotionally. I know people that have done this and all of them regret w/ all they have that they did it. They regret and I know one in particular that was unable to get preg when she decided she was ready. This is why this world has to end, it is just sad. I thank you for the great question and for reminding everybody about the negative effects of abortion. It's regardless of what anybody say a murder, because that baby has a beating heart.


It is none of your business if a woman desires to terminate her pregnancy. You have every right to your opinion, of course. You do not have the right to force your opinion on anyone else. The Bible shows that God does NOT consider human life to be precious. He kills OVER 2 million people, including babies, and that isn't counting fetuses or the number of men, women, children, and fetuses killed during the Flood or the Slaughter of the Firstborns, when we are not told how many people he killed. The Bible clearly shows that God approves of abortion, and in many cases commands it: The Bible approves of killing pregnant women: Genesis 38:24, Numbers 31:17 The Bible approves of abortion: 2 Kings 15:16 God approves of abortion: Hosea 13:15-16 People are not counted as persons until they are a month old: Numbers 3:15 The Bible contains directions on how to abort any pregnancy caused by adultery: Numbers 5:12-31 The Bible says that being aborted is better than living a bad life: Ecclesiastes 6:3-5, Matthew 26:24 The Bible says that a person becomes a living soul when he BREATHES the BREATH of life into his nostril (fetuses don't breathe): Genesis 2:7


To answer your question - yes. It doesn't affect my body at all. I also know how it affect's the body of a woman having an abortion. So what? A yes/no question is a pretty feeble excuse to pass on your views.


Yes, I agree, abortion is NOT natural. Birth is. How can people justify having an abortion to "save the life of the mother?" Doctors have not been able to come up with a valid case, unless the "health" involves the mother's mental health (ie, she's so selfish she says she would be depressed to have the baby born). I knew someone with heart problems that had twins (C-section), as well as someone with epilepsy (4 kids). There is NO medical justification for abortion.


Until about 22 weeks, a baby doesn't even have a brain that would allow it to care if it was even aborted or not. At that point, it's brain it just starting to form and is no more 'thoughtful' than a plant. At 26 weeks, it has no more capacity to think than a mouse. Also, many more women die from childbirth than those that receive abortions.


Scare tactics aren't working... Should I ever be in the position where I choose to have an abortion or not, the option should be avaliable to me.



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