Do you defend a woman's right to choose an abortion?

Do you defend a woman's right to choose an abortion?

Do you defend a woman's right to choose an abortion?


I think that it is people like you that make it necessary for the government to regulate abortion. Birth-defects, rape, mother in danger are one thing, but if you don't want a child because of it's sex, eye color or other mere physical character trait then you shouldn't have one at all and if you are that concerned then you should adopt a child that you see as fitting your standard. You honestly made me throw up in my mouth a little with your question! Take a biology class and read up on conception, that is a person you are killing, an innocent life, could you imagine not being wanted because of a small defect or your eye color. I don't think that abortions should all be illegal, but stupidity to your degree should be and you probably would have been "weeded" out by your standard. Abortions should not be a form of birth control, women should have the right to choose, as a society we should have the moral governance to keep things in check without strict laws.... your line of thinking there is what is wrong with our country. Do you often find that you relate to Hitler in your logic? Honey, you better start saving for abortions, with what you are showing your child will inevitably be stupid!


I don't know if I would go all the way with that answer. Although I feel like it is the womens right to choose weather she has the baby or not I don't think retardation and homosexuality are good enough reasons to abort. I never wanted to have kids myself, but things change. Now I realized that I shouldn't take my blessing for granted. There are so many women that aren't able to have kids, so who am I to be able to- and refuse? But I couldn't imagine aborting my child because I found out he/she would be homosexual, autistic, or a "dumb kid". At the end of the day it is the Mother's decision. Not yours, Not mine, NOT PALIN'S! For the record I just want to say that no one likes abortion, but to force someone to carry a child that has resulted from rape or incest is ridiculous. What we need to do is start talking about sex with our sons and daughters. Make sex a comfortable topic in the house! We make sex this forbidden topic to speak about and then parade it on TV. That's why the younger generation is sexually handicapped and confused. It's human nature to want the forbidden. All they know about sex is what they learn on TV, thru books and from friends. What they need is an adult to talk to them about it and explain what it is AND what comes with it. So many youths are having sex but not able to handle all the feelings and emotions that come along with it...and who could've handled it at 13. *And I know that this is way off the topic but 1 in 4 teenagers have an STD? Isn't that crazy? Lack of knowledge and communication.


Yes, as long as she makes that decision ASAP. I also see nothing wrong with before she has the abortion if she has to read about other options (IE adaption). That said though even though I can support a woman's right to choose I am dead set against Roe V. Wade, as nowhere in the Constitution does it state the federal government has a role in abortion, so if had to be legislated the 10th Amendment relegates that to the states.


Abortion should remain one of the several choices a woman has concerning her body and a pregnancy. The other choices being going full term and keeping the child or offering it up for adoption.


My total take on this is because a. no religion group, church should have the right to make any of my medical decissions. b. In cases of rape, incest, extreme drug addiction have you ever seen babies so deformed and addicted thats cruel. I Am not saying to use it as a form of birth control or gene gender but these religous right republicans want to control of my medical decissions and i will fight to keep them under the US constitution law


I have no doubt you would abort your fetus if you knew it was going to become a homosexual but an unwanted pregnancy is just that unwanted. I may not approve of the reason but it's none of my business.


Don't you think that the parent should then be able to have their adult child aborted/murdered for being to short, a female, wrong eye color, etc. What's the difference there? Your killing one human b/c you don't like certain features either way. Stupid point of view you have. Maybe you should visit Dr. Kavorkian.


As a man I think abortion is wrong. That being said, I am an American and I believe FREEDOM is our most important ideal. That is why I support a woman's right to choose, rather than having the government dictate to women how that should go about once they discover that they ate pregnant.


I am pro-life and believe it is morally wrong but I am not the one she has to answer too and since her life and health is as stake ans God gave her free-will to decide I won't try to legislate my belief onto her...I trust God will know the right consequence for her (good, bad or other)... Addtion: Julia, the mother's life is always at risk and until she carries and delivers or dies you don't know hwo significant the risk...


The woman CHOSE to spread her legs. She CHOSE to have sex without proiection. She CHOSE to become pregnant and now she will choose whether or not to commit murder. What if people started choosing retroactive abortion?



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