Do you believe my 30 year old daughter should get partial birth abortion at 22 weeks along?

Do you believe my 30 year old daughter should get partial birth abortion at 22 weeks along?

Do you believe my 30 year old daughter should get partial birth abortion at 22 weeks along?


dont get me wrong what a awful situation to be inand have to decide i am a firm believer that a woman has a right to do as she want as she is the one that has to live with that choice i never heard of this way until i seen your post what a horrible thing having to have a choice over i really think that as a 33 year old my self being 38 weeks pregnant that your daughter needs to decide that this isnt a quick fix to get rid of the child this is years of guilt and tourcher to her self i know i aborted a baby 3 years ago at 8 weeks and i have had to live with that ever since and still feel that i murdered my own baby and your daughter will to feel that she murdered it in such an evil way


Well, at the end of the day its her choice. But my friend gave birth at 24 weeks gestation back last year and the baby survived as is completely healthy. So, that is a child in your daughters tummy, not just a partially fromed foetus, but a child!!!! I think it's wrong that someone can still have an abortion that late! I mean its past the 20 week scan! Have you seen a 20 week scan? I recently went to one with my sister, the baby was sucking his/her thumb! It's a miracle!!!!


Wow 22 weeks along, is there a reason for her wanting/needeing an abortion. What im saying is you can't really come on here with this question, with out givin some more details. If she is doing it because she does't want the baby then yes it is wrong in my eyes, it doesn't take 22 weeks to come to a decision that you don't want to be a mum. If it is for medical reasons then who are we to pass judgement


That's SO disturbing! =-I I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight it was like something from a horror film only it wasn't played by actors. If I was the doctor I would have ran away screaming. I'm 18 weeks pregnant and didn't really want to look at that. It was a little dumb of me to click on the link but I didn't quite understand what you had written. I don't think that you should show this picture in the pregnancy section. I think that it will upset and even terrify alot of pregnant women. I'm sorry but I'm going to have to report you... I think that this belongs in the Law section where it can't upset pregnant women. I know you care but please be a little bit more considerate in the future. Pregnant women worry so much! Feel free to email me if you want to have your say as I reported you but that picture left me very scared.


No it is not fine. Babies born at this age can survive. As proven by the pic, they have reflexes and can feel pain. To me, having an abortion, particularly at such a late stage is no different to waiting til the baby is born at full term then smothering it.


NO she shouldnt! and i know that in some states, Such as kansas it is illegal to do partial birth abortions! think of the name...partial BIRTH! When these are done the baby is normally kicking its arms and legs before the doctor kills it! This is horrible. Please dont advise her to do it...if she doesnt want the baby then give it to someone who does...also by the age of 30 i would think she knows the preventative measures to take to not get pregnant! watch this is NOT graphic...just very informative.


This is now a baby & not a foetus. Your daughter would have been feeling the baby move the last few weeks. It would be so wrong for her to go through this now unless there was a medical reason.


i miscarried my baby at 9 weeks and 2 days. i hope she keeps her baby safe inside her until it's ready to be born. i know a few people that would love her baby more then any think in the world, why can she not do that?


she would be sick to do that, it s not just her body as other people have said, it is another life that she decided to create and could survive at that age on its own, she should step up and take responsibility! she would have to be a complete monster not to!



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