Do you agree with this UK writer: Religious Conservatives Are Responsible for High Abortion Rates? Why?

Do you agree with this UK writer: Religious Conservatives Are Responsible for High Abortion Rates? Why?

Do you agree with this UK writer: Religious Conservatives Are Responsible for High Abortion Rates? Why?


This is a language problem with the terms "conservative" and "liberal." These words mean different things at different times, and in different places. Many American conservatives consider the policies of the Catholic Church to be somewhat totalitarian in origin and nature, hence, antipathetic to a free society. Real conservatives will be viewing the idea of abortion in terms of the unborn child's rights, not in terms of a religious dictate. The article is an interesting view, but it really only works across the pond. And fortunately for me, that's where the Archbishop of Canterbury works, thousands of miles away from me. They make great ale, but some Brits are getting a little nutty about things now days... (not to suggest North America is any less goofy) The article should be re-written and should discuss human ignorance instead. That's even more pervasive, and is the cause of our problems in the first place.


Yes I agree. The agenda of the regressive right is about controlling lives, not saving lives. This also clearly shows when kids they force to be born need any other kind of help. They aren't pro life but pro birth. Also has a lot to do with how they see women. Most religious traditions some more openly than others see women as little more than baby producing entities, not as equal human beings with free choice


The hard truth is that not all but the far religious right have always pushed the practice of abstinence and things like the rhythm method for birth control. They view recreational sex as evil and only to be performed for procreation. Catholics etc...used to be bad for that and I would say that devout missionaries also have that stance. Which in turn discourages the use of birth control to begin with and encourages more pregnancies


I haven't any clue what their agenda is because it makes no logical sense. None. They sure aren't humanitarians. Personally I think they are just stupid and mean. It seems on the surface that they are about promoting an ancient patriarchal creed, a perception of the world that should have been thrown our centuries ago. But they hold onto this doctrine when good sense should tell them that it has not application in the modern world. Maybe they have an agenda hidden by the dogma that I can't see.


Who ever said abortion was a bad thing? The chapter in freakonomics show the relation to crime rates & abortion rates. Those who wave the religious flag, and say every sperm is sacred.. are the first ones to turn their back on the lives they forced into this world. The first ones to deny them health care, proper schooling.. and a shot at a real life. All religion is a system of control. Watch first part of for better explanation.


I can't speak for all religious conservatives, but as a Christian (who happens to be conservative) I'm going to teach my children that they should wait until they're married. No diseases, no "unwanted" babies. And who's job is it to educate the multitudes about condoms and birth control? The government? One of the many reasons I homeschool my kids is so they won't start having sex when they're 12 just because a teacher gave them condoms and told them to use them. PARENTS need to teach their children their OWN morals. If a parent is okay with little Jane sleeping around when she's 13 years old, then Jane's MOTHER needs to take her to the ob/gyn to get a Depo shot.


I agree and I rephrased the last paragraph because I believe it to be true. Increased contraception use leads to a marked decrease in abortions.Conservatives against contraception education, availability and use Isn't about saving lives it is about controlling lives.


ultra right wing conservatives are against those thing, mostly for religious reasons. However the rest of them are for pushing ABSTINENCE first, contraception 2nd. What is so bad about teaching your children to wait, or atleast be responsible? I'm a conservative Democrat. I think abortions are WRONG. If a person can't take responsibility for a life they created, what can they take responsibility for? As for those who try to do it themselves and die, or injury themselves badly. I DO NOT feel sorry for them. They did it to themselves, literally. Actions have consequences. This country has lost sight of that fact. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime!


answer: controlling lives. they are against abortion & contraception. note that recent surveys indicate catholic women get abortions at the same rate as non-catholic. also, most catholics belive in family planning & the use of condoms to prevent HIV. its the ultraconservatives, pope, that are agst these. most of us in the health field and/or human rights are for this simple safe medical procedure. its a myth that women use it as a form of contraception --would you spend hundreds of dollars on your contraception? get real folks. as for later term abortions, they are typically by teenage girls who are frightened to death of being pregnant and are unable to act quickly in making this incredible difficult decision. they may also be done on fetuses found to have a problem. ppl need to educate themselves on these issues. and, i would say, leave the decision to the woman. nobody needs to impose their beliefs on others. if sperm is so important & is "potential life" , i dont see these religiouos nuts going after men and the wet spots on their bed! please, it's an attack on women and a form of control. if they care about life, it's certainly not women's ---70,000 women die unneccessarily b/c there is a safe medical procedure for them ---they are denied it and our hands are bloodied by their senseless deaths.



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