Do they perform abortions at "free abortion alternative" clinics?

Do they perform abortions at "free abortion alternative" clinics?

Do they perform abortions at "free abortion alternative" clinics?


"Abortion alternative" means "alternative to abortion". They are not going to so much as portray abortion as a reasonable choice, much less perform one on you. They will tell you whatever they think will make you choose NOT to have an abortion, from telling you that you can never have kids if you abort (not true) to what is essentially emotional blackmail. Abortions do not give you cancer unless the surgeon dusts his hands with asbestos before the procedure. I would suggest you think on your own about what is best for you- the "baby" isn't a sentient being, just a cluster of cells no more alive than an amoeba, just yet, so you have to think about what is right for you. Personally, I wouldn't trust them to do the abortion, even if they offered- you were in there asking about how you would go about getting a free abortion, and there she was trying to emotionally blackmail you into having a child, so it doesn't sound like she's very concerned about you. You only get one body, so, for $500, you might as well avoid the risk.


No, these "alternative" clinics only exist to try and keep women form making the choice to have an abortion. Go to a legitimate women's clinic or planned parenthood, they often offer sliding scale payment options based on what you can afford. Science supports the "pro-choice" side of the argument, as the fetus doesn't feel pain or form cognitive thoughts, nor will you get breast cancer or be infertile just from a competent abortion procedure. Don't make this decision hastily, nor should you let others judge you or tell you can't if you want to. Please think carefully and do what you feel is right for you, and be cautious not to have a second unplanned pregnancy to save yourself the stress. Good luck!


You sound like somehow this is not a big decision. Yes this clinic is trying to prevent you from having an abortion. If you are that self centered that pointing out the facts makes you upset, you probably shouldnt have a kid anyway. "The sonogram is just another way they are trying to get you to realize its a human life. Its a trick. If you really want an abortion do not go back there." This woman just said herself that it is a life, and you dont realize it.


They aren't there to help you get an abortion, and really it's right in their title. They are a free abortion !!alternative!! clinic. They try to get you to choose an option other than abortion. If you really want to get an abortion, you shouldn't waste your time with them. A lot of times these types of clinics tell patients they will help with an abortion in the end, but get the operation postponed again and again until it's too late in the pregnancy to legally do it anymore. Just pay the $500.


Abortion alternitive clinics are mainly to change your mind. If I were going to get an abortion I would NOT do it somewhere where they were they made me feel uncomfortable in anyway. The sonogram is just another way they are trying to get you to realize its a human life. Its a trick. If you really want an abortion do not go back there. And omg having an abortion has nothing to do with breast cancer. That was an all out lie. That lady is nuts. Dont do anything to your body at a crazy place like that. Good luck whatever you decide.


I answered this question before, with "No, they're not going to give you an abortion", but I just wanted to add: Please ignore all the people going "Put it up for adoption! So many people want babies!" If this were true, there wouldn't be over 581,000 children in foster care in America. Do what you feel is right for you, and don't let others put you through a guilt trip.


Gosh that sounds horrible. They probably do that because abortions are free and they don't want a million teens or adults coming to get them done. I'm not sure if I personally would trust them. I think I'd feel better paying the 500 to get it done at a normal clinic. That is just my opinion. Goodluck!


That's what abortion alternative means. They're trying to convince you to have an alternative to abortion. That's what that about face (It's 180, btw, 360 would be full circle) was all about. Frankly, even though I am pro-life, I am against this kind of clinic because they are dishonest and usually do *not* change the minds of the women who go to them. That said, I'm going to say openly: don't abort. It's only nine months of your whole life, and unless you have a dangerous medical condition, it would be much kinder to give the child up for adoption to loving parents.


I have had the same abortion like procedue (the D & C) although it was because of a miscarriage and I can honestly say it was not pleasant at all. Your hormones rage around and physically it's not really very nice. I urge you not to get an abortion because you will probably regret it and you will probably feel very guilty and upset about it for years and years. If you really feel like you can't look after a baby, why not adopt? There are tons of people out there desperate for kids who would give your child a loving home. Please reconsider.



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