Do people really think there is a constitutional right to an abortion?

Do people really think there is a constitutional right to an abortion?

Do people really think there is a constitutional right to an abortion?


Good question. It's interesting that they can find a mysterious "right to privacy" in the Constitution for the murder or an unborn innocent, but that same right doesn't exist for the use of drugs in the "privacy" of your own home. The answer is no, no one really believes that there is a right to take an innocent life, whether it was in the Constitution or not. That is why those who are pro-abortion need to call the unborn child a "fetus". It alleviates some of their guilt. Waiting for the thumbs down. People hate truth. Oh, and by the way, there is also nothing in the Constitution about drugs being illegal. But if you think anything in this country is being done based upon the Constitution, you are sadly mistaken.


The Supreme Court has found that Americans have rights to make decisions concerning their own bodies. One of those decisions is whether or not to have an abortion. Since the belief that a fetus is a baby is just that, a belief, it cannot legally be considered killing anything, despite what opponents want people to think. As to your additional statement, are you saying that before religions came about, murder and stealing and the like were socially acceptable? These laws are not based in religion, they are based in accepted societal standards of right and wrong. We do not base our laws in this country on religious doctrines.


What we have is a Constitutional right to be left alone to make decisions about or own medical conditions, including pregnancy. The original Roe v. Wade opinion was based on how the Texas law at the time was unconstitutional. The difference is nobody has been able to get any drug cases to the Supreme Court when the right Justices were in.


They think that because the Liberals have done a masterful job of framing it that way. They have a law (Roe V. Wade) that made it legal. It was passed in the Supreme Court on a 5 to 4 vote that was later to be found fraudulent in the facts department. Just they think they have a right not to be offended or to healthcare or a myriad of other non-constitutional rights. The federal law says drugs are not legal so that is why you can't do them.


Abortion is only legal because it is feasible. That might change in the future. As far as drugs are concerned, maybe they will be legal in the future as well. In my opinion abortion is no where near constitutional, I mean, who is abortion protecting? People who are pro abortion seem to think that being dead is better than being alive in the first place.


I would advise reading a Con Law casebook and not asking the general population about a sophisticated legal question that inevitably untangles into a mess of moral and political spewing. Yahoo answers has its limits. Books don't.


People who have abortions and are pro choice are selfish morons and need to be put in their place.


yes,it should be a woman's right to'nt it protected by i believe the 4th amendment guranteeing us the right to privacy and abortion is a very private decision.we are all guranteed life&liberty&the pursuit of happiness and if a woman decides that an abortion will give her liberty&happiness&free up her life so she can have a life then that very private decision should be made by only her,let the decision maker bear the consequences. so yes abortion is constitutionally proteceted.


i think so thats why the Supreme court is involved in the whole thing



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