Do people realize that Anti-abortion = Pro-life?

Do people realize that Anti-abortion = Pro-life?

Do people realize that Anti-abortion = Pro-life?


Do people realize that abortion for this reason, and for rape, is only 3% of all abortions? There are 4,000 a day in America alone. Yes, and DAY! However, that 3% is still taking the life of the child. If a child is conceived in rape- the man should be given "the death penalty" not the baby. In the case of the health of the mother- I know 3 women who were told that they would most likely die if they carried their babies to term. All 3 could not bring it upon themselves to abort their babies, because of their faith in God, so they chose to take "that chance" and gave birth to their children. Each of those children are alive and healthy and so are their moms. For the people that cannot understand why we are against abortion and for the death penalty- here is the very simple and concise answer. Abortion takes the life of the most innocent. The death penalty takes the life of a hardened murderer/criminal.


Feel better? I am pro-life but, I respect the choices of others even though I may disagree. In the case of life or death for the mother, that is extremely serious and up to the family. THAT is the only part of pro-choice I am ok with, and even so I feel horrible for that child and the mother who has to choose her life over the child in the womb. I have yet to see a woman choose the child, in most cases that's because both will die during childbirth. The 1 and ONLY reason I would vote to make abortion in any other case illegal is because women abuse it and men have no right to speak for the child that is equally theirs.


I am anti-abortion but pro-choice. That title though doesn't seem to fit the rest of your question. And doubly this isn't a question for the religion section. In the mind of a pro-life person, the teenage mother made a choice to have sex before she was ready to have a baby. However the woman did not make a choice to get sick. We're not talking "I'm afraid having a kid will be dangerous so I'm going to abort it". We're talking "Mrs Jones, we just discovered you had a heart condition and your heart cannot support both you and your unborn child. If you continue to carry it, you will most likely die." Not every parent goes through this obviously. The abortion would be to preserve life in the end because if the mother continued to carry the baby, both would die. Not allowing her to abort a baby that is threatening her life would be sentencing her to death.


This is a medical matter not a religious one and should be left to the doctors and the patient. Most defective foetus abort naturally. Some are more complicated and medical intervention is necessary to prevent the mother from becoming unable to conceive more children as well as being doomed to lose the child she is carrying. All children deserve to be born into a loving caring family where they are wanted with every chance of a full and happy life. Chromosome defects and the fact that a child was made pregnant by being raped can hardly be described as a 'choice' since no female would chose either.


I would NEVER say "yes" to that situation, because I'm PRO-LIFE. There isn't a single instance where aborting the baby would save the mother's life, especially when C-section is available. A doctor must ALWAYS treat both the mother and child as EQUAL patients, and do their very best to save BOTH lives. <> And therein lies the straw-man argument. "POSSIBLY". You cannot know the future, nor can any doctor know exactly what will become of mother or child during any pregnancy. It is not your (or a doctor's) responsibility to "play God". Let nature take its course. If a woman's life is in danger, treat her for her condition as if she wasn't pregnant, but leave the baby alone. Leave it in God's hands, not yours.


Bringing a child into the world should always be a choice, and a choice responsibly made, not forced. When a new human enters the world, those children that are poor and starving only have fewer resources. A better choice is to save an already born child, if possible, from a life full of disease and poverty or wait until you are ready and sure you can provide for a newborn and have the desire to raise her. How can we justify robbing mothers of a choice when there are impoverished children in the world dying every day?


I would like to know one example of a woman having to have an abortion because to have her baby would harm her health. I would also like to say that people can be Pro-life (to the unborn) and for the death makes more sense to save the life of a helpless, innocent baby, than the life of a rapist and murder. God told us to take care of those cannot take care of themselves. An unborn child cannot take care of him/herself at all. Who are any of us women to say that our life is more valuable than our child's life? Why does the baby have to breath air to be valuable and important? By the time most women find out they are pregnant their baby's heart is already beating and the baby bounces about in the womb. I don't understand how anyone can willfully kill their child.


The case where an abortion is NECESSARY to save the mother's life is so rare as to be almost non-existent. Meanwhile, over 3000 babies die every day at the hands of their abortionists, their mothers, fathers, and the U.S. government ... empowered and supported by those who simply fail to understand the intrinsic value of every human life.


I am pro-choice. I have never understood the pro-life people. Many do feel that a woman should die because the baby is not baptized. What really gets me is that most so called pro-lifers are also for the death sentence. Why is that?



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