Do gynecologists perform abortions?

Do gynecologists perform abortions?

Do gynecologists perform abortions?


Good ones? No, they don't Bad ones? Yeah, it money



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Is there abortion clinics that accept medicaid in tampa fl?
By law since 1976, Medicaid cannot cover abortion. You can find a Planned Parenthood to help you and offer a donation. You can go to any county clinic and see if there is a doctor available for that but you have to pay.

Can we sue if an abortion was a failure?
Abortion, whatever the method, is not always 100% effective. Unless for some reason, someone forgot to educate you regarding the risks of the abortion procedure and you were able to prove that the clinic neglected their duty to inform you, you would be unlikely to win a lawsuit against the...

Why do some conservatives lie about "Post Abortion Syndrome?"?
They honestly believe it is real. But in order to believe that, they have to ignore all real research and immerse themselves in websites spreading lies about bogus research. It is what they need to hear to keep them fixated on the "cause". But the fact is that right wingers and evangelicals...

Share your abortion stories?
I had one and I felt guilty but I knew it was the right thing to do. Even afterwards I had moments for a long time where I thought about how different things could have been but I knew I wouldn't have coped. I'd just had my first baby and had post natal depression. I knew I didn't want another...

I saw a movie at school were a Chinese woman was forced to have an abortion?
I am not sure this is what you want in an answer but here goes. America can not and should not be the answer to all things. The government in China instituted the one baby per family law in order to ease over population. Is this law right? The abortion rate comes as a result of the...