Do feminists look up to Susan B. Anthony?

Do feminists look up to Susan B. Anthony?

Do feminists look up to Susan B. Anthony?


I'm sure they do, but looking up to someone doesn't necessarily mean you look up to every single thing that she had an opinion on. See: Either-Or Fallacy, which is the fallacy of "if you're not for us, you're against us." I do think that feminism is important, and I do think that abortions need to stay legal. It's just a better idea when speaking in terms of medical safety. Them being illegal won't make them go away. They'll just go underground. An unplanned pregnancy can really be a desperate situation, and it's not the government but the woman who knows the circumstances best. Just leave women be. If you're pro-life, don't have an abortion. It's as simple as that. No one makes you get them. Sure, you have the right to do something, but that doesn't mean anyone makes you use that right to the fullest. But the beauty of having the right to choice and supporting that right for other women is that you give others rights though you may not reflect the same opinion or upbringing. And I think that empowering yourself AND the women around you is what feminism is all about.


Those that oppose abortion need not fear that they will be forced to have the procedure. On the other side of that coin, women who need and want an abortion should not be forced to bear a child because someone else is opposed to it. It's that simple.


Here is my take, again. You don't have to have an abortion, no one does. I will not make you act the way I act or believe what I believe. I am a Conservative republican who really thinks we need to drop all the abortion/religion crap and get on with coming up with a leader who is more than a sound bite.


News Flash... They look like Susan B Anthony, dumpy and goofy, but at least Susan has a beautiful voice, .... and actually Susan has an inner feminine beauty! There is no way a real feminine women would support Abortion, we are the Earth Mothers, the givers of life, any one who supports Abortion is an Abomination! There is a big difference between being feminine and a feminist!


I m a moderate feminist and I m also against abortion


I think feminists want women's bodies to be in their own control. They support the right to choose.


and HOW long ago did she live?



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