Do democrats and republicans support abortion?

Do democrats and republicans support abortion?

Do democrats and republicans support abortion?


The Republicans as a class are not as anti-abortion as the religious right, who make up a substantial portion of its population base. Nor are the Democrats necessarily pro-choice. The religious right tends to view the issue from what they consider a moral perspective, ignoring the fact that pregnancy imposes a substantial burden on the mother. This burden means that a fetus cannot have unlimited rights as against those of the mother, and a compromise is necessary. The compromise laid down in Roe v. Wade was reasonable at the time, and still is.


Actually When Roe VS Wade came to the Supreme Court in 1973, Nixon, a Republican was in office, and The opinion of the Court, for Roe VS Wade that made abortions legal was written by Justice Harry Blackmun,a Nixon appointee. Also Laura Bush has said on the Today show that "I don't think that [Roe] should be overturned." So factually I dont think its a Democrat VS Republican thing, unless your one of those who believe everything your told about what the other party believes in. Political Parties change, Is the Republican party about small government, or letting states do more on there own, or keeping taxes down, pro life or fiscal responsibility, NO, Is the Democratic party all ACLU stuff, ANTI GUN, Pro- Choice ,soft on crime, NO. Personally I think its dumb to follow ANY party blindly


I am a Republican and I can tell you that more Republican women abort their babies to protect their careers and personal lives because they earn more money to afford abortions. Democrats keep their babies as a cash crop to benefit from the Welfare program that the Republicans started originally which ended under the Clinton administration. Actually Welfare only changed it's structure and under Republican government Welfare benefits have been at an alltime high, higher than at any other time in the history of Welfare. Clinton ended "Welfare as we know it" after sixty some years of the old welfare that the Republicans started. Poor Democrats cannot afford the abortions that Republican women have more often. Republican women have the money to afford abortions and have more to protect. Republicans just pretend they are against abortions when in fact they have more as they have more to lose by an illegitimate baby. I believe abortion is murder but if you want to kill your baby because of your own selfish motives because you are promiscuous or too stupid to use a multitude of birth control methods it is o.k. with me because people that abort are not worthy of furthering their breed of people whatever breed they are.


What I can not understand about the Republican party is the conundrum a young pregnant girl facing this choice finds her self facing two social ills by the republicans. (1) If she has gotten the abortion she has offended the party (2) I f she has the child and has to draw welfare to support the child she is stigmatized by the morals of the republican party. Like it or not women face a very heart wrenching decision here and Government sanctioned morality is not the answer.


those stats are untrue. hispanic women want a child to get a green card into the US after having hopped the fence. black populations are also increasing much faster than white populations. other than that, i support abortion if its needed, not for stupid irresponsible teens.


ALL women are mainly hardline democrats. Just thought you'd like to know that...An dto answer the question, yes. People believe both ways on both sides.


Most likely democrats support abortion. Republicans tend to be pro life.


I think it is more about the position of PRO-CHOICE rather than pro-abortion. And frankly I think pulling out the racial aspect of this is just showing that we need to educate ALL our children about their bodies and the choices they have. When we quit putting people in racial groups to measure issues, or make blanket decisions we will have made the best decision of all.


70% of the entire population supports the right to choose.



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