Do abortions lead to later problems with fertility?

Do abortions lead to later problems with fertility?

Do abortions lead to later problems with fertility?


No, abortions do NOT lead to later problems with fertility (contrary to what most ignorant, obnoxious pro-lifers would have you believe). As long as your abortion is performed by a trained, licensed doctor in a hosptial or clinic setting, then the chances of complications are slim to none. It's actually possible to get pregnant again extremely soon after an abortion, so make sure you use protection or get on some type of birth control afterward to prevent another unwanted pregnancy from occurring. Abortion is a completely safe and common medical procedure -- much safer than childbirth. In fact, childbirth is much more likely to cause later problems with fertility than abortion.


From what I know the risk is actually pretty low, especially with the "pill" type abortion. A surgical abortion could cause scarring or weaken the cervix which would require surgery to correct prior to being able to conceive, but it is very rare that this happens. I only know two women who have had abortions but both went on to become pregnant again. One of the ladies is now pregnant with #3, in fact.


It's not true on the whole. In some circumstances where something goes wrong or an infection occurs after, fertility can be negatively effected.. but abortions are generally really safe. In fact, giving birth is far more likely to make you infertile than an abortion - and also far more likely to kill you (although chances of that are still slim). I'm pro-choice, I've had an abortion, and I participate in abortion education (not pushing my beliefs, but just stating the facts).


Usually if you have an early abortion then no, you can go on to have normal pregnancies- but there is always a risk, and with surgical abortions definitely it can cause women to have problems either conceiving or carrying a baby. I have known women who have had an abortion or two and have gone on to have healthy children though. I personally have never had one.


It can cause fertility issues if the abortion is not correctly done or if something inside is damaged while its being done. It happens but with technology now the chances are pretty slim.


Is pretty low risk in terms of future fertility. There is the advantage of knowing that you probably can get pregnant again as you've done it once.


It does actually. My older sister got a abortion at a young age and when she was ready to start a family she was unable to. No matter what treatments she got from doctors she still couldn't get pregnant. She deeply regrets the abortion.


I'm pro-life, you still don't want my answer? -) Honestly, it can affect fertility later, but most of the time it doesn't unless the person performing it screws something up. I do know that if you have too many of them, it really can damage you later, but if it's just one, it's doubtful unless something went wrong in the process. Not bad for a pro-lifer, right?


Yes it can affect later fertility. But the chances are slim.



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