Do abortions hurt physically?

Do abortions hurt physically?

Do abortions hurt physically?


DON'T do it! I did and it was worst mistake I made. Hurts like hell when they suck what they call "tissue" out of you..cramps and wicked bleeding after. I believed them when they said it wasnt really a baby yet..but when I got married and I got pregnant and I was so happy I felt crushing guilt that I was so happy this time but could not feel the same happiness for my first baby. When I saw a 3 month ultrasound and saw how developed my baby was at that age I almost threw up thinking about what I did to my first. I can email you photos of my 3 month sonogram so you can see for yourself what is actually inside you. I swear adoption is the way to go or you will regret it every day like I do.


Mine did only a little because you have to push somewhat but really no. It is the mental pain that hurts so bad. I have had depression for 5 years now and axiety attacks the worst mistake of my life . I am not telling you what to do nobodys damn business what you do or to judge you but I would take a lot of consideration dont jump into it and adobtion wouldnt be much easier but the baby lives and parents that cant have kids are very thankful for it.

slkusractlil can. they have to pull the attachments from inside of you...which causes bleeding that they suck out.. also, you'll be cramped for atleast a week. also, infections could occur..but even worse thatn physicall.... is the mental... many women who have abortions have flashes and dreams... or wonder what their child would have been much love there could have been.. many women suffer from severe depression too. if you dont want the child or cant support it., give it up for adoption,,,dont kill and innocent life and put yourself at risk..


Yes, it depends on the person and how far along you are but you will have cramping for about a week afterwards. The cramping shouldn't be too bad, but again it depends.


it really depends on the person..the cramps are similar to period cramps...but the pain isn't as bad as you may think


yes and mentally



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